Big Bird and The Joker - Who'da Thunk It?

  • October 15, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

You really can’t make this stuff up.  Sometimes in the course of life, something a little bit crazy happens that sets the world a-giggling and making fun.  Even the most serious events, like the upcoming Presidential elections have put some interesting (and very unforeseen) characters straight into the limelight.

A few weeks ago, Big Bird was happily living a quiet and peaceful existence down on Sesame Street, when all of sudden he was thrust into the nation’s headlines through a casual reference to him by Mitt Romney during one of the Presidential debates.  Chatter about Big Bird is now all over the Internet and headlining in the media.  Big Bird is starring in memes, is in headlines everywhere and Big Bird costumes (just in time for Halloween) are literally flying off the shelves. Big Bird’s presence also has been requested on “Good Morning America” as well as the “Today” show, not to mention several of the late night talk shows. (Big Bird has respectfully declined all offers thus far.)  Who in the world ever saw this coming?  It certainly gives new meaning to the song lyrics, “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”  Now all anyone wants to know is how to get Big Bird!

Recently, it appears that the left side is getting some costume character comparisons of their own.  After the Vice Presidential debate had concluded, Twitter and other social media sites were abuzz with commentary on Joe Biden’s steady stream of bizarre grinning and smirking during the entire debate, some calling his demeanor more akin to “The Joker” than anything close to what is expected of a Vice President.

Halloween costume masks designed in the likeness of the presidential candidates themselves are also an obvious popular choice this Halloween season.  Can Halloween mask sales predict which candidate is more popular with the masses?  Some sites say they can and others swear that they can predict the election winner based on Halloween mask sales alone.

No matter what your personal politics are, Halloween falling right before the Presidential election makes it the perfect time to parlay your political agenda into a night of All American, tongue-in-cheek costume fun. Whether you sport a Big Bird suit, a Joker costume or go with a much more obvious choice with one of our life-like political masks, these costumes are going to be the talk of your Halloween party and create a lot of laughs for you and your friends, while at the same time hopefully inspiring them to get out and vote!