Santa's Workshop - Open for Business!

  • November 14, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
Believe it or not, this time of the year, things really start to heat up at the very top of the North Pole.  Even in one of the earth’s most bitterly cold climates, the frenzy and mayhem of warp-speed toy making has Santa Claus, as well as his crew, working at a sweaty, furious and very frenetic pace.  The North Pole is simply ablaze with activity! The toy manufacturing biz will continue for weeks, right up until Christmas Eve, when Santa Claus, along with his elite squad of legendary reindeer, will take off on their annual epic Christmas sojourn.  Meanwhile, Santa and his team of dedicated Elves are working diligently around the clock in order to ensure that children all over the world have their Christmas dreams come true.  Are you tired just thinking about all of this?  So are we! Perhaps it’s time to give ol’ Santa Claus a bit of a much-deserved break.  In order to assist the rotund jolly old guy himself, we’ve come up with a solution that will help you and Santa Claus alike.  We here at Halloween Express have set up our own version of Santa’s Workshop, and unlike the wares of the North Pole, our Christmas supplies are only a few mouse clicks away.  Creating the best Christmas ever just got a whole lot easier on Santa--and you. Our Santa’s Workshop has a wide assortment of unique Christmas items that will add a new level of fun as well as magic to your holiday season.  Imagine, a Christmas tree stand that rotates 360 degrees around!  The majesty of your Christmas tree can then be seen from all its beautiful angles!  You can also add a whimsical holiday-style electric train that will traverse joyfully around your Christmas tree for some truly old-fashioned and nostalgic yuletide charm. One of the latest trends in Christmas decorating is found in inflatable decorations made just to highlight your holiday yard display.  These pieces inflate virtually in minutes with a built in fan, so nearly instantaneously your house will come alive with light, bright color and lots of seasonal character! These adorable creations are a super quick and easy way to get your home into the full Christmas spirit! If you want to bring your Christmas characters a little closer to home for a more personal touch, we have a huge selection of the best Christmas costumes available.  From super plush, deluxe Santa Claus suits, to some clever and mischievous Elf costumes, you can easily make dressing up in a Christmas costume part of your newfound holiday traditions.  For you gals looking for some Christmas spice, we have some very sexy, come-hither holiday looks that are going to melt hearts under the holiday mistletoe.  Not sure how to put a holiday look together?  Check out our how-to videos for super easy ideas and instructions that will help to get you started! Make your plans now to shop our Santa’s Workshop early, because just like that first holiday snow, these seasonal items will soon be simply melting away!