‘Tis The Season: Why Not Add Santa To Your Guestlist

  • November 28, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell
Religious traditions aside, the legends surrounding Santa Claus are considered to be the beating heart of most Christmas celebrations throughout the world.  This “ho-ho-ho” spewing jolly old elf is known by many different names throughout the world.  Santa can be known as Father Christmas, Pere Noel and St. Nikolaus, just to name a few.  Here in the USA, the cheerful, sleigh-riding man of toys is just good ol’ Santa Claus.  No matter what you may call him, this ebullient and joyful character is undoubtedly one of the most beloved in the entire world.  And what’s not to love about dear old Santa Claus?  Santa only gently asks for reasonably good behavior and in return, Christmas legend states that Santa will leave toys, goodies and presents underneath one’s Christmas tree. Making Santa’s “good” kid list becomes most boys and girls top priority over the Christmas holiday season.  No child ever wants to be passed over by Santa Claus! Because Santa Claus has become such an integral part of our Christmas culture, over the years many various rituals and traditions have come about, embracing Santa’s festive legend of gift giving.  Many children will pen letters to Santa, making special toy requests for themselves or they may ask Santa to bring something needed by a family member.  Visits to Santa Claus in person have also become very popular in every community, with parents taking children to malls and shopping centers in order to visit the local version of Santa Claus.  Kids make personal visits to Santa to make specific gift requests, of course, but it’s also quite a magical moment for children to see Santa Claus up close and personal, and feel of his jovial yuletide spirit.  Visiting Santa Claus is an annual ritual for many families and is also one that kids get pretty darn excited about. During the Christmas season, obviously the “real” Santa Claus is very busy at the North Pole, supervising his very lively crew of elves who are busily making toys that will be distributed to the world’s children during the night of Christmas Eve.  Because he is so engaged, Santa needs many helpers throughout the holiday season to ensure that kids everywhere have a chance to sit on a Santa’s lap and whisper their hearts desire into his ear--all while creating a very special Christmas memory (not to mention photo op!) that will last a lifetime. What could be better this year than dressing up as a Santa Claus character of your very own this Christmas?  Whether your version of Santa is used to surprise and delight your own children or to bring some extra jolly Christmas spirit directly into what could likely be the best Christmas party ever; inviting “Santa” to come into your home or event is a quick and easy way to make your holidays truly unique, special and very memorable. Santa Claus Suits come in a wide range of styles and price points so you can find the absolute perfect Santa Claus ensemble that best meets your holiday needs.  From professional to playful, we have many styles of Santa Suits for you to choose from.  Still have questions about creating that perfect Santa Claus look?  Don’t miss our detailed How-To Video that will take you through the step-by-step instructions necessary to build an amazing Santa Claus look from start to finish.  Our video covers every detail from how to get that perfect “bowl full of jelly” belly to getting the traditional Santa hair and beard on just right.  You simply can’t go wrong!  You will be saying HO, HO, HO in no time! Make this year’s Christmas celebrating truly unique and special by inviting the most cherished character of all time to come to your holiday party.  Santa Claus is in the house!