A Costumed Christmas

  • December 03, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

Don’t look now, but it’s December already--and you know what that means!  We’re officially in the final countdown to Christmas!  Once Halloween ended, you may have thought that the costume season had wound itself down.  Actually, here at Halloween Express, we are still going strong!  Costumes and Christmas go hand in hand! We have many exciting, festive and useful ways to bring the holiday spirit quickly into all your festivities. 

  • Photo Opportunities:  Your Christmas photos will be the talk of all your friends when you add a little costume whimsy and Christmas fun.  A family of Elves?  We can help you to create that.  Do you want to dress your baby up in something too adorable for words for his picture with Santa?  We can help you with that as well.  Don’t miss this chance to make your holiday photos that much more memorable.
  • Gift Delivery:  Have a special gift to deliver this Christmas and want to do it with extra holiday style and panache?  Make sure you have the perfect festive costume on while you make your grand entrance.  You can be Santa Claus himself with one of many of our fabulous Santa Suits, or you can dress up as one of his very industrious helpers.  These looks create amazing gift-giving impact!
  • When YOU ARE the gift:  Some of our sexier Christmas costumes are the perfect solution when you are looking to give someone the truly heartfelt gift of yourself for Christmas.  Make sure you have some mistletoe handy!
  • Christmas Pageant or Play:  Is your child playing the Shepherd or the Angel in the Christmas pageant again this year?  If you are looking for that perfect religious-themed costume (that won’t look like it’s made out of a bed sheet or a bath towel, we have many fabulous options that are perfect for your religious-themed Christmas celebration!
  • Imaginative Playtime:  Don’t overlook the most obvious use of costumes of all!  Let’s face it, kids love to play dress up!  Giving a favorite character costume as a gift for your child will give him or her hours of playtime fun.  Don’t save dressing up for Halloween when getting into a costume is fantastic fun most any day of the year!

Make your Christmas list and check it twice.  Costumes.  Accessories.  Decorations.  You want it and we have it!  Let the countdown to Christmas begin!