Naughty or Nice: Christmas Dress Up that Fits Your Unique Style

  • December 10, 2012
  • Jenna Maxwell

It’s not too late to add the ultimate in snazz factor to your holiday wardrobe.  A Christmas costume is the perfect way to get you, as well as your friends and family quickly into a festive holiday mood!  You know we have Santa Suits…and you know we have the usual assortment of Elf looks, Santa’s Helper costumes and even a few snow people, too.  But if you are looking for something a little more unique this Christmas, here is our list of top picks for lots of second looks this holiday season! Santa Claus Gone Sexy:  Bring a little light-hearted and relaxed flair into your Christmas morning celebrating as you don this super sexy look inspired by Playboy’s infamous Hugh Hefner.  This Santa style smoking jacket and matching cap will bring the look of festive leisure into your Christmas morning as you enjoy ultimate comfort along with incredibly hilarious Christmas style chic. Red…or Green:  If you can’t decide what color to wear for your holiday mischief making, but you do know for sure that you want to do a little frolicking under the mistletoe, this look is the perfect one for you.  This tempting little Elf costume is completely reversible, so it’s like getting two costumes for the price of one.  Green on one side and red on the other--all you have to do is make up your mind and find someone to use your Elfin magic on. Christmas Flicks- Bring Them to Life:  Now here’s something truly unique to add to your family’s holiday festivities.  We all have our favorite Christmas movies.  Why not recreate a unique part of those Christmas movie memories with an original costume straight from your favorite holiday film?  With jaw-dropping as well as hilarious styles like the Christmas Story Leg Lamp costume or even Ralphie’s most-dreaded gift, the pink bunny suit, you can get into your favorite film’s most uproarious characters and let your entire family in on the Christmas fun.   I think we all secretly wanted that pink bunny suit anyway--now’s your chance to get one of your very own!  Yes, the bunny slippers are included! Christmas Sweets:  Dressing up in costume that is reminiscent of your favorite Christmas treat is a great way to show off your super sweet side and head straight to Santa’s “goodie” list.  Try out a Gingerbread man get up or even a Peppermint-striped candy costume.  These looks are sure to add some sugarplum fantasy to your favorite holiday festivities! Gift Wrapped:  Looking to gift-wrap “you” in something incredibly special?  Why not put yourself underneath the Christmas tree?  For a unique gift for a very special someone, try on our Sexy Christmas Costume.  Oozing with oodles of holiday panache, our fur-trimmed and hooded sexy mini dress and boot tops will heat things up in a hurry, wasting no time in melting his heart.  This look is perfect for that special Christmas party just for two. Need a Little Christmas? Try a super fun Christmas accessory to jazz up your everyday look and get you straight into a holiday mood.  Reindeer antlers, Santa Caps, Angelic Halos, Elf Ears, Candy Cane striped socks and all sorts of glittery everything’s--these are just some of the festive accessories you can get into without much effort or fuss involved. Show off a little of your unique personality this Christmas season with some of these extraordinary costumes and accessories by visiting Santa's Workshop.  Why settle for ho-hum when you can have some serious HO HO HO!