Congratulations to our 2013 DIY Halloween Costume Contest Winners! We want to thank everyone for their participation. We had over 5,000 entries in six different categories. In fact, the number of entrants far exceeded our expectations. The imagination and ingenuity of some entries was truly amazing – and inspiring! We awarded a First, Second, and two Third place winners in each category. The winning contestants within each category can be found below. 

Adult Couple Category:
First Place - Ernesto Valenzuela
Second Place - Rowena Rasberry
Third Place - Jerod Walker
Third Place (a) - Emily Sigler

Adult Single Category:
First Place - Judi Treasure
Second Place - Roy Wammack
Third Place - Michael Wills
Third Place (a) - Serra Hirsch

Child/Tween/Teen Category:
First Place - Brandy Lally
Second Place - Terry Hearn
Third Place - Kristina Ballantine
Third Place (a) - Jen Gerlach

Group Category:
First Place - Hanna Tomhave
Second Place - Natalie Conforto
Third Place - Angie Tucker
Third Place (a) - Christopher Kinsella

Maternity Category:
First Place - Kimberlee Ruef
Second Place - Amy Huntley
Third Place - Corinne Eaton
Third Place (a) - Natalia Carver

Pet Category:
First Place - Melissa Collins
Second Place - Misty McMillion
Third Place - Annette McCarthy
Third Place (a) - Angie Madruga