Zombies Revisited: Warm Bodies

  • January 16, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

I will admit it. I have become completely addicted to “The Walking Dead.”  It seems that I am not alone when it comes to being fascinated with the whole Zombie apocalypse thing.  I am not normally a fan of over-the-top gore, so it’s kinda weird for me to really like a show that can at times be pretty darn violent.  What is it about these shuffling, hideous, gory, brains hungry as well as brain-dead beings that many of us are really digging these days?  On the surface, it’s hard to understand why we are so drawn to something that really is so insanely disgusting, but there is no doubt.  The Zombie appears to be America’s Next Top Monster.  When it comes to bloodthirsty behemoths, the top spot for a long time has been held emphatically by the charming, sexy, and at times, sensitive Vampire.  (Thank you, Twilight!) Now it seems the suave bloodsucker’s popularity has been taken over by a growling, unyieldingly and ravenous beast. It was probably only a matter of time before somebody tried to give the Zombie some sensitivity training.  With the latest Zombie movie, “Warm Bodies” soon to be released, the Zombie seems to have gotten a bit of an extreme makeover.  The Zombies we’ve seen in the movies and on television in shows like “The Walking Dead” are brilliantly heinous.  The makeup folks on these shows have done their due diligence, creating for viewers Zombies that are almost painful to look at.  We are simply horrified and completely grossed out at the same time--but somehow we love it just the same.   “Warm Bodies” does have plenty of disgusting walking corpses stumbling their way around, along with the ultra far-gone Zombies (Bony’s) that have relinquished to their plight of ultimate Zombie-ism.  But there is a big twist to this Zombie tale. So what did “Warm Bodies” introduce to the whole Zombie picture?  Well, in true “Twilight” fashion, “Warm Bodies” has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into the Zombie persona by introducing some old-fashioned young love into the picture.  By adding a little “boy-meets-girl” chemistry along with a heavy dosing of warm fuzzy’s, “R”, the “Warm Bodies” protagonist, begins to change from his Zombie self.  The Zombies around him begin to change as well.  What’s love got to do with it?  Well, in “Warm Bodies” you might be able to pinpoint it as a catalyst for change.  Are the Zombies becoming human again?  After “R” becomes involved with the girlfriend of one of his former victims, this is exactly what begins to happen.  Instead of eating her, “R” is suddenly very conflicted and tries to connect with her instead.  The effect that this connection has on him becomes contagious, creating a big reversal as to what we typically associate with old school Zombies.  What’s great about the concept?  These Zombies don’t have to have their heads bashed in order to save the human race.  Maybe there’s enough humanity left in them to save them from themselves.  Stay tuned!  “Warm Bodies” opens in theatres on February 1st and you will not want to miss it.