Scary Movies: Opt In for Valentine’s Romance

  • February 11, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Now here’s a novel idea for Valentine’s Day.  How about hitting the movie theatre for a super scary or even a good ol’ monster movie? Nothing says romance like a good scare--right?  I’m kidding of course, and you’d be justified if you were a tad dubious about why I might be suggesting seeing one of these types of films for what is supposed to be the ultimate day to celebrate love and romance.  Work with me on the idea for a second though, because a sexy dinner followed by an epic thriller might actually work quite well for Valentine’s Day after all.

Witches. First of all, even though it’s February, there seems to be a downright bounty of really fantastic, scary-ish movies at the theatres right now.  These aren’t at all the ordinary “things that go jump in the night” type of films, either. Beautiful Creatures, a witch-themed thriller, is set to hit the theatres conveniently right on February 14.  Beautiful Creatures is the first of a series of movies that is based on the bestselling books, “The Caster Chronicles”.  The story line is focused on a teenage girl living in a small southern town who possesses witch-like powers.  The ultimate battle between good and evil then ensues. Plus, (and here’s the twist) there’s a little bit of forbidden love thrown in there as well.  See, I told you I was getting to the romance part.

Zombies. If you haven’t seen “Warm Bodies” yet, this is a zombie-themed film that also has a bit of romance in it, as well as a life changing love twist, perfect for you true romantics.  R, who has succumbed to the zombie epidemic, meets Julie (a human survivor) and actually saves her from a zombie attack.  (What is going on here?  A zombie with a conscience?) Julie sees something in R that she finds different from your average zombie and becomes inexplicably drawn to him.  An odd but meaningful relationship ensues that becomes both a battle for survival and a catalyst for dramatic change.  Probably way more of a comedy than a true scary movie, but it definitely works for some serious Valentine’s Day fun.  You still get to see some pretty gnarly looking zombies, too--absolutely awesome fun. 

Ghosts. Want to be truly terrified?  (Which also might work well if you are trying to get your Valentine to jump right into your arms, holding on for dear life!) Try white-knuckling it through “Mama”.  Two missing little kids have been left alone in a cabin out in nowheresville for 5 years, somehow fending for themselves.  Or have they?  Have they really been alone this whole time or have they actually been taken care of by the spirit of a former mental patient with misguidedly loving yet motherly instincts?  This film is haunting, thrilling, and downright scary. 

Maybe seeing a scary movie isn’t exactly a traditional Valentine’s Day activity.  These films are however, a fun and thrilling way to get your heart racing and will almost certainly force you to do some serious cuddling with your sweetie.  Besides, if zombies and witches can find true love, it should definitely be that much easier for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!