St. Patrick’s Day: Why It’s Easy Being Green

  • March 11, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here lads and lassies, which means that at least for one glorious day, the world will be transformed into a virtual sea of green!  (Well, sorta…)  Of course you are going to show up in your green duds, and why wouldn’t you?  The color green has long been considered kinda mandatory on St. Paddy’s Day. Wearing green is a huge traditional part of this Irish holiday filled with lots of revelry, leprechaun-chasing and obviously, lots of good luck, too.  But did you know that green has many other virtues you may not have been aware of?

Green, The Color of Nature: Green has always been the color most representative of nature and the outdoors.  When ecologically inclined people speak of being “green” they are paying homage to practices that help to preserve our natural world and it’s inherent beauty.  Green is also the color of growth, health and wellbeing.

Green, The Color of Calm:  Green is the color that has the most calming effect on us psychologically.  For this reason, you will sometimes find hospitals decorated with green tones.  It is also a common practice in Hollywood to have guests who are waiting to make television appearances wait in a “green room”--the term stemming from the intention of this place being one to unwind and calm yourself in before going on camera. 

Green, The Color of Healing:  The color green is said to have healing properties.  Many foods that are naturally green are also considered the most healthful for our bodies.  Green is also said to improve vision and even reading ability!  The color green can also improve your mood, lift your spirits, relieve stress and promote healing.

Green, The Color of Fertility:  Green has long been associated with fertility.  Because green is the color of new life and springtime, it has always been considered to be the color representing the life force.  During the time of the middle ages, green was often the preferred color of wedding dresses as it had such a profound connection to potential reproductive fruitfulness.  Wearing green was thought to promote these qualities in the soon to be married.

It’s All About Green, Green, Green!  People who say their favorite color is green tend to be well-balanced folks who are affectionate, loyal and honest.  Sometimes green can also be associated with greed or money as well as jealousy and envy, but generally speaking, the color green promotes calm, restfulness, serenity and harmony.  We also happen to think that on St. Patrick’s Day, wearing all sorts of green stuff is just downright cool.  Be sure to check out our super green and very Irish collection of costumes and accessories that will light up any St. Patrick’s Day celebration you have planned.  You may also find that the wearing o’ the green does a little more for you than you had planned!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Halloween Express!