G.I. Joe: Retaliation--What You Need To Know

  • April 01, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

G.I. Joe: Retailiation

The second installment of the G.I. Joe franchise hit theatres this past weekend.  With all the hoopla surrounding the film, including an extended dose of media attention due to a somewhat disappointing delay in release, moviegoers are bound to be anxious to see what the Joe’s can finally deliver!  G.I. Joe: Retaliation has all the ingredients of a Spring Break blockbuster.   Before you grab your bucket of popcorn and settle in for what should be a wild, action-filled explosive ride, here’s a few things you need to know!

Hold On…and On.  G.I. Joe: Retaliation was actually supposed to come out last year.  The film was set for release in August of 2012.  Thus, any die-hard Joe fans have been waiting…and waiting!  Paramount decided at some point that the movie needed to be converted into 3-D so that it could be distributed internationally to a wider audience.  In countries such as China and Russia, 3-D technology is hugely popular. 

So You Think You Can…Direct?   Jon M. Chu known mostly for his recent dance-themed films directed this latest chapter of the G.I. Joe saga.  Although there has been some skepticism about what Mr. Chu will bring to the franchise, his different perspective is bound to put a new spin on the Joe’s.  Some characters will be portrayed a bit differently and some of the characters from the original film will not be returning.  Jon Chu wanted to take the sequel and the Joe’s in a different direction--let’s see what he’s got.

Heroic Return:  Some of the most favored characters from the first G.I. Joe film will be indeed returning for your viewing pleasure.  Channing Tatum will be reprising his role as Duke, while Ray Park will be playing Snake Eyes.  Lee Byung-hun will be back as Storm Shadow. You can however, say goodbye to Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller, as neither of them will be returning for retaliation.

Rock The Rock!  There’s nothing like THE ROCK (Dwayne Johnson) to inject some powerful mojo into an action-laden film.  In G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Mr. Rock plays the lead G.I. Joe, Roadblock, one of the most key players in the G.I. Joe franchise.  And as if that’s not enough…there’s more! Fans will surely die hard for Bruce Willis as he enters the Joe cast to play the role of General Joseph Colton.   Willis leads the Joe’s in their battle against the Cobra’s.  The Rock?  Bruce Willis?  The Joe’s just got really interesting.

G.I. Joe: The toys are back in action!  Much of the G.I. Joe toy line was pulled from the shelves when the Joe sequel release was delayed.  These G.I. Joe toys are now officially in stores and back in action, just in time to correlate with the G.I. Joe film release. 

Watch It, So You Can Pretend to Be It! 

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