Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  • April 05, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Baseball is Here!

We’ve been thinking about it, and there’s a good chance that you have been, too.  The fantastic, illustrious, exciting game of great American baseball!!  What is arguably the best All-American sport ever had its official opening day on Easter Sunday, which can mean only one thing folks; we are now in baseball season- full swing!  (Pun intended.)  Here’s why there’s plenty to get excited about this baseball season.

Games-a-plenty:  What other sport out there will offer its fans something like 162 games in one season?  If, when it comes to baseball, enough is never enough, then you oughta be one happy sports fan.

Food and Beverages:  At a baseball game, beer just tastes better, ask anyone.  You’ve got to try the nachos, the wings and of course, peanuts and crackerjacks are almost mandatory.  And then there are the Hot Dogs. (Can you hear angels singing?)  We think Humphrey Bogart said it best.  “A Hot Dog at a ballpark is better than a steak at the Ritz”.  We concur.

Good Ol’ Rivalry’s:  Baseball fans are extremely loyal to their teams and also will hold long-standing grudges against their team’s most diabolical rivals, even if the home team continues to lose.  Holding fast and loyal to your beloved team is part of the baseball fan mentality.

Smarter Than An Umpire:  Aren’t we all?  It’s amazing how a loyal baseball fan has crystal clear vision and simply sees things that apparently the umps do not.  A loyal baseball fan is not the least bit afraid to inform the umpire when he has made another mistake.

No Rule Book Necessary:  One of the best reasons to love baseball is how completely fan-friendly and basically uncomplicated it is to understand.  The most green of novices will be able to comprehend the basics of baseball and will get it enough to easily enjoy the game.

Amazing Souvenirs:  How many times have you gone to a football or basketball game and come home with the game ball or even had the possibility of obtaining one?  Baseball does offer the unique opportunity to retrieve the ball that was likely used to hit the most epic of hits of this beloved game--the home run. 

Best Fans Ever:  Baseball fans are indeed loyal to a fault. We’ve all heard of baseball lovers whose team hasn’t won anything; but somehow the fans remain undeterred and love their team nonetheless.  They love them through the losing.  They love them even more when they are winning!  No cheerleaders are ever necessary--a die-hard baseball fan knows how to cheer for his team, even when they are down. 

All The Time In The World:  A baseball game lasts until the very last inning is over and is not ever dictated by a clock.  With no time constraints placed on it, a baseball game often has a much more relaxed environment because of it.  Baseball ends when baseball ends.  Plus, there’s always plenty of time for more snacks!

Legendary Ballparks:  Many baseball parks are almost bigger than life and parts of American history.  There is nothing like a game in a place like Fenway Park or Wrigley Field to get a baseball fan’s heart pumping.

From that first pitch thrown out in early spring to the playoff games that hit sometime in October, baseball will truly always be one of America’s greatest pastimes. 

“Playing baseball is not real life.  It’s a fantasy world.  It’s a dream come true.” 
Dale Murphy