Mother’s Day: 5 Gifts Your Mom Does Not Want

  • May 08, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Think back.  For many of us, it was like our mom had this sixth sense, a high tech kind of radar that enabled her to sniff out trouble.  No matter how much innocence was proclaimed, mom could always get to the truth and before you even knew what was happening, you had made a full confession and were grounded for a month.  Yeah, moms are like that.  Even if you are all grown up now you may not be completely out of the woods when it comes to being in your mom’s proverbial doghouse.  She would never say anything.  She would just smile and say “thank you”.  But somehow you would know you’d blown it.  Mother’s Day is the one thing you don’t want to screw up and we are here to help.  Here is our top five list of gifts your mom does NOT want for Mother’s Day!

  1. Home Appliances.  Your mom likely spent years (okay most of her life!) cleaning up after you and believe me, it probably was no picnic.  Washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning house, picking up stinky socks off your bedroom floor--well, it’s all part of being a mom, but this stuff likely was not her favorite part.  There are many joys involved in motherhood; housework is likely not one of them.  On Mother’s Day there is no need to remind her of the drudgery.  You might be thinking mom will be impressed with your ability to be practical.  Trust me, your mom does not want you to be practical on Mother’s Day in spite of what she might say.  Get her something that is a little bit self-indulgent that she may not want to buy for herself.  Chances are if it has a “plug” it’s a big NO.
  2. Lingerie.  Um, don’t get me wrong here.  I’m a big fan of the girly stuff and most women do really love lingerie.  The problem lies in the fact that lingerie is a very intimate gift with a definite sexual vibe--thus, getting a gift like this from your kid (at any age) is just (in a word) weird.  If you are a male child then a lingerie gift may even border on being creepazoidal.  Don’t put your mom through this most ultimately awkward Mother’s Day scenario--ever.
  3. Makeover.  You have to be very careful about buying your mom one of the ever-popular spa packages that are out there around Mom’s Day.  If the word “makeover” is in the advertising anywhere, steer clear.  A day filled with massage, a facial, and a mani-pedi is cool, but as soon as you send your mom to be “made over” you may have inadvertently sent her the wrong message.  A makeover gift says, “You’ve been so busy taking care of me, wiping my nose, and hauling my butt to soccer practice that you’ve kinda let yourself go”--uh, don’t even go there.
  4. Diet or Fitness Products:  These gifts kind of send the same message as the makeover does--telling mom that she needs some sprucing up on Mother’s Day is just not cool.  A better alternative would be to invite your mom on an active activity that you know she is going to love, the best part being that she gets to spend time with her special kid.  (YOU!) 
  5. Cookbooks:  Whether your mom is a great cook or a really lousy one is beside the point.  Your mom likely has already spent hours (okay, maybe even years) in the kitchen cooking all your favorite foods and probably one too many boxes of Mac ‘n cheese.  Spare her the cookbook as no matter how good your intentions really are, you are still telling her that she needs to up the ante on her cooking game.  If you have already moved out of the house, she likely just cooks what she likes, anyway.  If you are still living in her basement, you are really treading on thin ice by giving her a cookbook, just saying. 

Honorable Mention No-No’s:  Generally speaking, you may want to avoid empty picture frames (put a nice photo in that thing, you lazy child!), bathing implements or bath soaps, (she has plenty of this stuff from prior years and is likely trying to still use it up!) and lastly, purses.  Your mom is likely enjoying picking out her own sleeker styled, fashionable purses now that she doesn’t have to carry around half the house with her in order to meet all your growing up needs.

Mother’s Day gift giving doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful.  In fact, getting mom the perfect gift can even reap great rewards.  Get this right and you will remain your mama’s little angel forevermore, or at least for another year. 

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.“
~Mark Twain