Gatsby Style

  • May 13, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

The long awaited film“The Great Gatsby” hit theatres this past weekend. The infamous F. Scott Fitzgerald story that many of us remember reading as part of our high school curriculum, has now been gloriously transformed into a silver screen version, bringing to pass a truly marvelous film that is likely to set the costume and fashion worlds on fire.  Gatsby style has been the talk of the town and in case you haven’t heard, adaptations of these styles may be headed quickly to a store near you!

The story of the Great Gatsby takes place during the roaring twenties, a time that historically has already been considered one of great fashion revolution.  Women of the twenties were considered to be fashion rebels, dumping the corsets and petticoats of prior decades and instead embracing a far more free form, a straighter and almost boyish silhouette, with much shorter hemlines to boot.  During the time period of the Great Gatsby, fashions were truly unique and unlike anything that women had worn before.  In the story of the Great Gatsby, another dimension of style is also added to the film.  Decadent luxury.  Stunning (and expensive) jewelry was worn with elaborate headdresses.  Skirt lengths were going up, and women’s hairstyles were getting shortly bobbed. 

Creating a “Gatsby” look of your own is pretty easy.  For women, the “Flapper” style dress, fringe and all, is going to be a popular look for any upcoming costume parties you may be gearing up for.  Complete the “Gatsby” look with long strands of pearls, headdresses with feathers and even an ultra glamorous feather boa. When it comes to creating an authentic “Gatsby” look, no amount of luxury is too much, so when it comes to glam, pull out all the stops and you will be getting close!  Check out our Charleston Cutie costume, which comes complete with all the extra accoutrements you will need to really pull of the ultimate, truly Gatsby-inspired costume look. 

For you guys out there that want to sport the classic Gatsby look, think “Brooks Brothers”.  The timeless looking jacket with peaked lapels, matching trousers, and a point-collared shirt is a great place to start.  You will want to have a crisp looking vest, perhaps a pocket square and maybe if you are going all out--a nice pair of cufflinks.  Adding some exciting twenties style accessories will complete your Gatsby look.  Two-toned oxford shoes and a Newsboy style cap will also send you off in the right direction! 

Recreating the indulgent looks found in the new movie, “The Great Gatsby” is one of the hottest costume trends out there.  You will not want to wait to pick up one of these incredible costume looks!  Shop our exciting collection of 1920’s styled costumes and get into one of these fabulous retro looks now!