The All-American Superhero

  • May 20, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

America Loves It's Superheros

There is no escaping American’s love of the good ol’ superhero.  In fact, America might arguably be the actual inventor of this beloved character genre. Certainly you could make a very strong case for the superhero being an All-American phenomenon, as most of the really good ones seem to have their origins springing from the pages of American comic books.  

From the 1930’s when Superman was every little kid’s comic book fave, the superhero has been fascinating kids of all ages, and from what we can observe, these amazing characters aren’t going anywhere.  The superhero’s stories and names change over the years, but the theory and essence of what is behind them remains the same.  They are bigger than life, more powerful that us ordinary folks are, and when the day needs to be saved--they have this incredibly innate ability to be there and do just that.  No wonder we love them. 

Science:  There seems to be a scientific commonality or feature that runs through all or at least most superheroes.  This scientific element usually explains how or why they have their special powers.  In some instances, the superhero was exposed to a chemical that caused him to change in an unexplained way.  A powerful spider bite might have some really bizarre effects on a former ordinary human in just the right circumstances.  Other times various mutations have occurred for a variety of reasons, but the result in the case of a superhero is the former normal earthling now has a power or ability that is considered to be superhuman.

Dual-Existence:  Many of the most popular superheroes enjoy a dual existence.  This dual existence gives them a human side that is usually in stark contrast to their superhero side.  The non-superhero, human side of these personas is often kind of nerdy, wimpy and boring although almost always very likable.  By comparison, the superhero side of these characters, when he comes around, is very physical, strong, confident and oddly enough, suddenly much more attractive as well as slightly more aloof.

Mortal Enemies:  In addition to general crime fighting and saving people from various mishaps around town, most superheroes have some kind of mortal enemy, or some may even have several of them.  The enemies these superheroes face often have some pretty unique and special powers of their own, but for whatever reason they have decided to use their powers to perpetuate evil deeds instead of good.  This conflict always makes for a really great good vs. evil story, as this is invariably the bread and butter of what a good superhero flick is all about.

Comic Books:  Most superheroes began their stories in the pages of a comic book.  These stories were translated into cartoons and television but in the last few decades, superhero movies have become some of the biggest hits and blockbusters out there.  This year is no exception with Iron Man 3 recently being released and this summer more superhero movies are on the horizon.  (Man of Steel (June14), and The Wolverine (July 26) just to name a couple.) 

Costumes:  Okay, maybe you’d prefer to think of them as “suits” but whatever you want to call them, the proper clothing or “gear” for any superhero is the heart and soul of his very essence.  If you want to recreate a superhero look, getting the costume just right is important.  Kids love to dress up as their favorite superheroes any time just for having fun and using their imagination.  Grown ups enjoy getting into their favorite superhero looks as well, whether for a costume party, comic convention or any number of functions that make being a superhero both fun and exciting. 

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