I’m A Trekkie, He’s a Trekkie: Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Trekkie Too?

  • May 29, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

“Star Trek Into The Darkness” has been in theatres for nearly a couple of weeks, thrilling audiences with the latest adventure aboard the Starship Enterprise, and at the same time rekindling America’s great love for this cast of beloved space adventurers.  The epic Star Trek saga spans a few generations and as you probably know, Star Trek has also garnered an impressive cult following of its own fans.  “Trekkies”, as die-hard Star Trek fans are affectionately known, are out there in the world in rich abundance.  “Star Trek Into The Darkness” may have inspired you to become a Trekkie, too.  Here’s my list of helpful suggestions to get you on your way to becoming a full-fledged Trekkie!

Learn the Lingo:  As every good Trekkie knows, there are unique ways for Star Trek fans to communicate with one another that defy our ordinary, everyday vernacular.  First of all, one should learn the Vulcan hand signal.  This is a peaceful greeting that sends a positive vibe from one Trekker to another.  (It also may come in handy should you ever encounter an alien.) When using the hand signal, by all means, throw in a “Live long and Prosper” if you want--it makes your greeting completely Trek-legit.  You should definitely learn some other Star Trek phrases very well, so they will just roll off your tongue in your everyday language.  Here are a few of my faves:  “Beam Me Up, Scotty”, “That is Illogical”, “Fascinating”, “Engage”, “Space, The Final Frontier”, etc.  You get the idea.  And finally, it can’t hurt to learn a little bit of the basic Klingon language.  It can come in handy.  For example, “Where is the bathroom?” translated into Klingon is “nuqDap ‘oH puchpa’e’”.  Don’t freak out over this because there are a couple of handy translators online that offer Klingon as one of the language options so you can easily translate any English verbiage into profound Klingon!  http://www.bing.com/translator

Dress the Part:  Trekkie’s typically are not shy, closet trekkers hiding out in the proverbial galactic closet.  Nosiree, if you are a bona fide trekkie, you must learn to dress as one and wear your Star Trek duds with great pride.  My suggestion?  Find a Star Trek character that you most identify with and then do a mind-meld with that person.  At that point you can go out and get the costume as well as the appropriate make up and accessories that you need in order to complete your transformation.  Whether you choose Spock, Captain Kirk, a Klingon or any other number of characters from the Star Trek cast, you should really get into your character and have fun with it!

Where to Wear It:  Once you have your Star Trek character transformation complete, you may be wondering where you can wear it.   A die-hard Trekkie might tell you that you can wear your Star Trek look just about anywhere; I sorta think there may be some places more appropriate than others.  Comic book or SciFi conventions are a fantastic option for any up and coming Star Trek fan!  You can check out where some of the latest SciFi conventions are coming up here: http://www.upcomingcons.com/science-fiction-conventions

More Trekkie Fun:  There is a Star Trek encyclopedia that you can read and study at length in order to get all the essential information you might need to become a very knowledgeable as well as astute Trekkie. This publication is considered to be the bible of the Star Trek series.  You can also glean a ton of Star Trek knowledge by watching all those old episodes of “Star Trek” TOS (The Original Series) that originally aired <choke> from 1966-1969.  Want to become a card-carrying member of the Starfleet?  (The oldest Star Trek Fan organization out there)  All members of Starfleet get a membership card, a certificate, a handbook and a vessel registry listing all the chapters of Starfleet. You can check out membership information at http://www.sfi.org/portal/index.php

Alright, my fellow Trekker’s, by now you should feel well on your way to establishing your new identity as an official “Trekkie.”  Be well, and prosper!