Super Dad: Celebrating Father’s Day With Superman Style

  • June 13, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Super Dad:  Celebrating Father’s Day With Superman Style!

At one time or another many of us have ranked our own dad’s right up there with the very best of the superheroes.  It’s not lost on me at all that “Man of Steel” (the latest incarnation of Superman) is coming to theatres just in time for Father’s Day Weekend.  I can’t think of anything more appropriate and think that celebrating your dad’s special day with Superman style might just give him the recognition that he really deserves!

Big Blue Courageousness:  From a very young age we learn that like Superman, dad is very brave.  From a tiny child’s perspective, Dad seems to fear nothing--from that mean dog that lives down the street to that fuzzy looking spider that was crawling around in the bathtub--dad was there to take care of all those scary things that frightened us and assuage our childish fears.     

Man of Steel Strong:  Superman is the protector of the Earth.  Dad is the protector of the family.  To a small child, dad seems incredibly strong and powerful.  After all, whom does mom hand the mayonnaise jar to when the lid won’t unscrew?  Who carries the kids with ease on his shoulders and gives endless hours of giggly pony rides?  (Never mind that he may have had an aching back later, dad likely wasn’t a complainer, either!)  It might have something to do with a toddler being just a few feet off the ground, but most any little kid will tell you that their dad is at least 10 feet tall.  In this case, even Superman would cower.

Metropolis Sized Moral Compass:  Dads are the representatives that clearly illustrate what is to be done in cases of choosing between good and evil.  Dads show us the difference between what is right and what is absolutely wrong.  Dads let us know through their own deeds what lines should never be crossed and what you can get away with if you “just don’t tell your mother.”  Like Superman, when dad became a dad he took the responsibility of setting an example seriously, knowing that whether he was wearing a cape or not, someone was looking up to him and watching his every move.  Kids seem to know that just like Superman, deep down, dad always believes in the good.

Clark Kent Style Humility:  Dad’s are often not the type to go around bragging about their acts of daily fatherly heroism.  Most of them just do what they gotta do as a matter of course and it’s just all part of a dad’s day of work.  In the same way Superman donned his alter ego, Clark Kent, and went about his quiet and humble business until Superman was called into action, dad’s trudge along through their daily lives, kids knowing, however, that their dad will be there and ready to act when he is needed.

Boys want to grow up to be just like their dad.  Little girls want to grow up and marry someone just like their dad.  Dads teach us patience, strength, courage, resilience, perseverance, forgiveness, ferocity and presence of mind.  What better way to spend the day with your dad and the number one superhero in your life than by grabbing a couple of tickets to go see the other “Man of Steel”.  Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make your own dad feel absolutely SUPER! 

Happy Father’s Day from your friends at Halloween Express!