Summertime…Get Ready For The Cold Chill Of Horror Movies

  • June 17, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Summertime is ripe with hot weather, vacations, barbecues and family fun.  It’s probably not exactly the time of the year most of us associate with scary movies, but as luck would have it, for you horror movie fans out there, many new ones are on this summer’s horizon.  Take a break from the heat with one of these spine-tingling thrillers that is likely to chill you right to the bone!

Hatchet III (June 14)-If you’ve seen the first two installments of this bloodcurdling tale, this latest chapter picks up the story where the other ones left off--right in the middle of the Honey Island Swamp where the evil Victor Crawley has been haunting and literally scaring people to death for years.  During a search and recovery mission that is set up to “pick up the pieces” left by the last two movie installments, Mary Beth makes an important discovery which uncovers the secret regarding the voodoo curse that drives Victor Crowley to his ghostly and horrific actions.  Can an end be put to Victor Crowley and his ultimate evils?

World War Z (June 21)-Are you ready for an amazing blockbuster-sized Zombie apocalypse thriller?  Then batten down the hatches and get psyched for World War Z.  Brad Pitt, who stars as Gerry Lane, finds himself in a global battle against an army of zombies who are infected with a rapidly spreading pandemic.  Can he stop this army of the undead from taking over all of humanity?  The film is filled with amazing effects, unbelievably hideous zombies a-plenty and may set the new bar against which all future zombie apocalypse movies are compared.  Don’t miss this one!  Freaked out by zombies and the whole concept of a zombie apocalypse?  Read everything you need to know about zombies and surviving a zombie invasion .

The Conjuring (July 19)-I could barely sit through the preview of this movie without getting scared to death, so prepare yourself for a spine-tingling fright fest with this film.  Based on a true story (which for me, only makes it that much worse) a couple who are paranormal investigators get involved in a case in which they are forced to face a terrifying demonic entity that has taken hold of an entire family in a remote farmhouse.  Getting out of the house will not help them, as the demon seems to not be haunting the house at all, but rather the entire family as people.

Cockneys Vs. Zombies (August 2)- A more comedic take on a zombie themed thriller, the Cockneys Vs. the Zombies is a British film that combines a bumbling group of bank robbers who are trying to help save their grandfathers retirement home from being taken over by developers.  Someone near the retirement home mistakenly unearthed a graveyard and got bit by an “undead” setting off a zombie epidemic that begins to rapidly spread through East London.  Somehow these bank robbing “experts” must find a way to save Grandpa, keep their hostages safe from the zombies in addition to protecting all of East London, which is now under siege from a relentless zombie attack.  With the Cockney way of life at risk, what can be done to save humanity?

You’re Next (August 23)-Why is it that every time you try and impress a new girlfriend, it almost invariably seems to invite disaster? Watch things go horrifically wrong as Crispian brings his new girlfriend to a family gathering celebrating his parents wedding anniversary.  What should be a perfectly happy occasion becomes a perfectly terrifying horror, as ax-wielding home invaders take over the Davidson family event, trapping the family and their guests.  A surprising member of the group turns out to have an unusual, as well as unlikely talent for killing.  

Horror films are definitely not just fun during Halloween; proved by the fact that this summer season has a frightful offering of many new flicks that promise to terrify audiences everywhere!  Beat the summer heat by escaping to a theatre near you for a truly chilling summertime thriller!