Movie Monster Mash

  • June 26, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

You’d think it was Halloween with all the monsters, zombies and superheroes that were romping around town this past weekend--at least in the movie theatre! Monsters University, World War Z and Man of Steel took the top three spots at the box office as we dive in headfirst to some of the more action packed, not to mention heavyweight summer movie blockbusters!  The opening weekend of “Monsters University” surpassed even Pixar’s expectations, beating out both the zombie thriller “World War Z” and “Man of Steel” in ticket sales.  “Monsters University” stars Billy Crystal and John Goodman, who play the voices of Mike and Sully, respectively.  “Monsters University” reunites the characters that we all fell in love with back in 2001, in the delightful “Monsters, Inc.”  “Monsters University” is the fourteenth consecutive Pixar film to open in the first place spot, proving once and for all that Pixar clearly has the magic formula when it comes to great family entertainment.  If you are looking for a film that everyone in your family will enjoy, take a break from your summer action and head to the theatre to see “Monsters University.”

If a live-action, zombie apocalypse film is more what you are looking for in the way of thrills, don’t delay in seeing “World War Z”.  The zombies alone are pretty outstanding in the gnarliest sort of way.  Both zombie aficionados and general movie buffs love this film, proven by its second place finish at the box office.  Emphasizing once again that horror doesn’t have to be just for Halloween, “World War Z” effectively brings to the screen one of the worst-case scenarios when it comes to hideous and grisly monsters.  And then of course, there’s Brad Pitt…well, enough said. 

Who doesn’t love superheroes?  This summer’s superhero blockbuster is a huge hit with audiences, as the numbers do not lie.  Now in it’s second week, “Man of Steel” has already hit ticket sales over 210 million dollars.  Rumor has it that in some scenes of the movie, you can see the face of Christopher Reeve in some of the images of Henry Cavill. (Clark Kent) All urban legends aside, “Man of Steel” is just plain great entertainment. 

If we haven’t enticed you with monsters, zombies and superheroes, here’s last weekend’s top ten films at the theatres.  Summertime is blockbuster movie time; we hope that you will find yours!

  1. “Monsters University” ($82 Million)
  2. “World War Z” ($66 Million)
  3. “Man of Steel” ($41.2 Million)
  4. “This is the End” ($13 Million)
  5. “Now You See Me” ($7.87 Million)
  6. “Fast  & Furious 6” (4.7 Million)
  7. “The Internship” ($3.43 Million)
  8. “The Purge”(3.41 Million)
  9. “Star Trek: Into Darkness” ($3 Million)
  10. “Iron Man 3” (2.2 Million)