Trivial Pursuit of Happiness--Fun Fourth of July Facts

  • July 03, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Fourth of July TriviaThe Fourth of July is a unique holiday that holds its own special place in the hearts of Americans.  It’s not just any old holiday--on this day we celebrate the day long ago that our Founding Father’s declared their independence from the royal rule of England.  Of course, the British King was less than thrilled.  Fast-forward through the American Revolution all the way to today--and you have what is arguably the most beloved holiday of the summer months.  Traditionally a family-oriented holiday filled with barbecues, parades and of course, fireworks--the Fourth of July holiday also has some fun facts and trivia that is associated with it.  We thought you’d like to know some of the more obscure little details surrounding this blessed patriotic celebration--it will give you something to talk about while you are grilling up those wienies. 

  • Not to be overly technical, but the Declaration of Independence was actually adopted on July the 2nd.  John Adams also believed that this was the day Independence Day should be celebrated.
  • There is one U.S. President that was born on the Fourth of July.  This honor goes to Calvin Coolidge who was born on this patriotic date in 1872.
  • Three U.S. Presidents died on the Fourth of July.  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (both in 1826) and James Monroe in 1831.
  • It takes approximately 10 minutes to read the entire Declaration of Independence. 
  • Only twelve of the original thirteen colonies approved the Declaration of Independence.  New York’s delegation actually abstained.
  • Malia Ann Obama will be fifteen on her Fourth of July birthday.
  • There are 1,458 words contained within the Declaration of Independence, including all of the signatures.
  • In the year 1777, Congress for the first time authorized the use of fireworks as part of celebrating Independence Day.
  • It wasn’t until 1938 that Congress finally made the Fourth of July an official paid Federal holiday.
  • On the Fourth of July there will be over 14,000 fireworks displays held nationwide. 
  • In July of 1776, the U.S. population was estimated to be approximately 2.5 million.
  • In July of 2013, the U.S. population is estimated to be approximately 316.2 million people.
  • There will be approximately 150 million hot dogs consumed on the Fourth of July holiday.
  • Over 200 million pounds of fireworks will be used this July the Fourth.
  • Benjamin Franklin actually wanted the turkey to be the National Bird of the United States, but Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, who wanted the Bald Eagle to take the spot, overruled him.  (Really, Ben?)
  • The National Anthem is actually set to the melody of an old English drinking tune called Anacreon in Heaven.
  • That American Flag you like to display on the Fourth of July is very likely imported from China.  Nearly 5 million dollars worth of American Flags will be imported from China this year alone.

Happy Fourth of July from your friends at Halloween Express!