Hi Yo Silver! The Lone Ranger Rides Again!

  • July 08, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

The Lone Ranger Rides AgainThe character of the Lone Ranger has been around for such a long time that believe it or not, he actually made his first appearance long before television even existed.  Making his debut in 1933 on a WXYZ radio program in Detroit, Michigan, the character known as the Lone Ranger captured early audiences with his mysterious bravado and justice seeking agenda.  Now eighty years later, The Lone Ranger has been rebooted and modernized for the silver screen in a new feature film adeptly titled, “The Lone Ranger.”  Here are some of the basic Lone Ranger facts you might want to know before you hit the theatres to see this action packed western adventure!

  • John Reid, Texas Ranger.  The Lone Ranger is a former Texas Ranger.  He was the sole surviving ranger after a violent ambush perpetrated by the notorious Cavendish gang.  His status as the only surviving member of his division of rangers is the source of his new identity as, “The Lone Ranger.”
  • Tonto. The Lone Ranger has a well-known sidekick and right hand man named Tonto.  Tonto first came upon the surviving ranger (John Reid) after the siege of the Cavendish gang that nearly wiped out all the Rangers in John Reid’s division that fateful day.   Tonto rescued John Reid and nursed him back to health. 
  • The Mask. In order to conceal John’s identity and protect those that may be associated with him, Tonto made John Reid a mask from one of the deceased Ranger’s vests and gave it to The Lone Ranger to wear.  Together from this point on, John Reid and Tonto dedicated their lives to a cause of justice and fighting against crime.
  • Epic Song. The legendary theme song from The Lone Ranger radio and television series is called the “William Tell Overture”.

  • Giddy Up. The Lone Ranger rides a horse named Silver.  Tonto rides a horse named Scout.
  • Kemosabe. Tonto’s term of endearment for The Lone Ranger is “Kemosabe”.  Kemosabe is said to be a term from the Potowatomi Indians that means “faithful friend” or “trusted scout”.
  • Silver Bullets. The Lone Ranger is famous for only using silver bullets.  Loading silver bullets into his gun reminds him that every life has meaning and is very precious.  When the Lone Ranger shoots, he only does so to injure, never to kill.
  • Riding Into the Sunset.  When the Lone Ranger rides his horse away after another successful Wild West style battle against crime he is well known for saying, “Hi Yo Silver!  Away! 

Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski, the dynamic duo behind “The Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise, have resurrected The Lone Ranger story in a thrilling western style adventure that is filled with action as well as humor.  The story, told through the eyes of Tonto, recounts the events that led up to John Reid becoming a truly legendary lawman who is hell bent on preserving goodness and justice, while fighting against evil, greed and corruption.