Comic Con Invades San Diego

  • July 17, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Comic Con 2013

Geeks of the world UNITE!  This is your time to shine.  In case you hadn’t heard, this weekend is Comic-Con.  Every year about this time, the entire downtown area of San Diego transforms itself into a little mini-city of unusual characters as the geek-o-rama takes over most of the area.  This year the convention is being held July 18-21, with a preview night being held on the 17th.  Normally a pretty subdued place to make an escape, this weekend the streets of downtown San Diego will be filled with all manner of dressed up wildlife. Based on what’s been seen in past years, this is a no-holds-barred opportunity for comic, sci-fi and anime buffs to really get their game on.  And we do mean get their game “on” quite literally as cosplay is absolutely the order of the day.  (Cosplay is the technical term for costumed role-play.)

What is Comic-Con?  Comic-con is an annual convention held in San Diego, California that features and showcases all things having to do with comics, science fiction and anime, including all forms of media such as movies, books and most obviously, comic books--in addition to all the amazing characters that come out of them. There will be about a bazillion things happening during Comic-Con. The show floor of the convention center will be filled with booths of various exhibitors.  There will be autograph signings and panels of experts covering various topics of interest.  Many exclusive products will be offered up at Comic-Con as well, which undoubtedly will send many a comic nerd’s heart a-flutter.  This convention features geekery at its finest hour, and trust me, in this there is no shame.  This is one of those times when it’s definitely quite hip to be square.

One Big Costume Party:  You might think that dressing up in a really outlandish costume for a convention is only for a few brave, die-hard fans.  Don’t rush to judgment folks, because this convention might surprise you.  If you aren’t in costume you might actually be the anomaly or in this case, the even bigger nerd.  Cosplay is the mainstay of Comic-Con, with participants really getting into their favorite characters with costumes that are pretty amazing in some cases.  This is a fan convention, after all, so if ever there were a perfect opportunity to dress up as a fantasy character, this would be it.  Some Comic-Con attendees prepare for this event all year long; designing very elaborate costumes to wear and display for all to see.  You don’t have to be a total die-hard costume maker to get into the spirit of the event, however, and there are many very cool costumes that are simply created out of leotards, tights, running shorts or even t-shirts as a base.  These simple clothing items are then appropriately gussied up with various accessories, makeup and other costume accoutrements--then it’s wa-la--Comic-Con costume nirvana!

Comic-Con is an opportunity for the nerdier folks amongst us to get into absolutely resplendent costumes and do some serious self-expression--all while having the dweebiest time of their lives.  It’s not every day in iconic downtown San Diego that seeing ten different versions of Superman walking down the street is just the order of the day.  In these parts, however, that’s the sort of behavior we fully embrace.