10 Reasons to Love The Wolverine

  • July 24, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

The Ultimate Wolverine

The X-Men movie series has had plenty of cool characters come out of it but the Wolverine may now be rising to the top of the pack.  With “The Wolverine” hitting theatres this week we thought you might need a few reasons as to why the Wolverine may be this summer’s ultimate comic book hero.

  1. Hugh Jackman.  Hugh’s portrayal of the Wolverine in all three of the X-MEN films may very well be what put this handsome Aussie on the map.  In spite of his belligerent and moody bad attitude, he’s still absolutely delicious--especially without a shirt.
  2. Rough Childhood.  Believe it or not, apparently as a boy the Wolverine was quite frail and sickly, fraught with allergies and weakness.  His family was very wealthy and did everything they could to keep him entertained while in his bedridden state, but no amount of money could give him a normal childhood.
  3. Cool Name.  Although the Wolverine is now known as Logan, the Wolverine’s real name is actually James Howlett.  Ironically, “Logan” was the surname of the groundskeeper who killed James’ father right in front of him, which led to the first manifestation of the Wolverine’s special powers.  James Howlett adopted the name “Logan” in order to conceal his true identity.
  4. The Claws.  The Wolverine has adamantine-coated claws that are part of his physical body.  These claws appeared out of the backs of his hands for the first time as he witnessed the murder of his father.  Adamantine is a fictional alloy that is supposedly virtually indestructible and has the ability to cut through any substance. The Wolverine’s skeleton is also coated with adamantine.
  5. Healing Powers.  The Wolverine has the ability to heal or regenerate himself from any injury, disease or toxin that is inflicted upon him. 
  6. War Hero.  The Wolverine has been around for quite awhile, serving in both of the World Wars.  His healing abilities helped him to survive many serious injuries and death, even when held in captivity where he was said to drive the Nazi commanders literally crazy with his regenerative, restorative powers.
  7. Heart of Gold. The Wolverine is a little rough around the edges.  Seemingly self-centered, tough, cold-hearted and introverted, underneath all that nonsense is a man with a very good heart.
  8. Groovy Hairdo.  The Wolverine has a pretty epic hairstyle with what looks like hair horns and funky mutton-chop style sideburns. 
  9. Wolverine Sans Tights. The yellow and blue Wolverine suit is the guy’s hallmark getup; I get that.  Personally, I would much rather see him without it. 
  10. Man, Animal or Both?  The Wolverine has many animalistic traits, including a very keen sense of both hearing and smell.  The Wolverine also likes cigars, motorcycles and women. 



The Wolverine will be in a theatre near you on July 26, 2013.  Don’t miss what promises to be one of this summer’s hugest blockbuster hits!