The Great American Pastime: Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Baseball

  • August 05, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

We Love BaseballOver 76 million fans will attend baseball games this year.  What is it about this beloved game that fans seem to love?  Here’s our top ten list of why hitting a baseball game might be the perfect solution to solve a bad case of the end of the summer blahs. 

 Easy To Understand:  Diehard baseball fans love to know all the subtle innuendos and intricacies of baseball, and knowing all this info does give some fans great joy.  You don’t have to have all this vast knowledge to understand the basics of the game, however, and having even the most rudimentary understanding of baseball will give you quite enough to have a fun and enjoyable experience at a baseball game. 

 History: Baseball has some great history behind it, and if you are a history buff as well as a baseball fan, there are plenty of epic baseball stories to learn about and to pass along.  Take for example, Jackie Robinson being the first African-American to ever play major league baseball or the legendary Babe Ruth who led the Red Sox to three championships and still holds the standing record for pitching thirteen scoreless innings on the way to the 1916 championship. 

 Food:  As any good baseball fan will tell you, there is nothing better than a hotdog and an ice-cold beer while watching your boys play ball.  Other baseball food staples include of course, peanuts, Cracker Jacks and nachos.  By all means, get a soda, too because naturally you will want to take home that beautiful souvenir cup!

 Superstitions: Baseball players, managers and fans are some of the most superstitious people out there in all of sports.  If the team is winning, the players and sometimes the fans will do whatever it takes (or whatever seems to be working) in order to maintain the winning streak.  Players can be particular about a certain bat or other parts of their apparel, but even weirder superstitions have been heard of such as peeing on one’s own hands.  EW!

Great American Pasttime Legends:  Willie Mays, Lou Gehrig, Pete Rose, Hank Aaron, Richie Asburn, Nolan Ryan, Joe DiMaggio, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams for starters.  What more really needs to be said?

 Family:  Obviously going to a baseball game with your family is a fantastic bonding experience.  An interesting thing happens at baseball games, however.  When you are sitting in the fan section, sometimes it feels like everyone is one big family.  Even strangers can leave the game as friends.

 Fan Loyalty:  Baseball fans are incredibly loyal fans.   Even in the midst of a horrible losing streak, a good fan has not given up on his or her boys pulling it together.  Following a dreadful season in a prior year and at the start of a new one, all is forgiven as the past is left behind and the fresh season is started anew. 

 Souvenirs:  Obviously the most coveted of all baseball souvenirs is the one you will never ever get at a football or basketball game--and that is the errant foul ball that is hit into the stands.  Many a prepared smarty-pants fan will come to the game with a baseball glove in hand to make catching one of these balls that much easier.  There are plenty of other fantastic souvenirs to score as well.  Programs, t-shirts, caps, foam fingers, pennants and baseballs stamped with various players autographs.

 Opportunity For Input:  Part of the fun of a baseball game is yelling at the umpires.  Everyone has an opinion and although yours might not actually count, it’s fun to let your feelings be known.  Let’s face it; sometimes those umps just don’t know what they are looking at, right? <Wink, wink>

 Movies:  Some of the best movies out there are baseball themed.   These classic films have become favorites for a reason.  Check out these epic titles: The Sandlot, Major League, League of Their Own, The Natural, Bad News Bears, Bull Durham and Field of Dreams. 

 Whether it’s for the food, the fun, the souvenirs, the game, or all of the above, now is a great time to hit your local baseball stadium and find out for yourself why baseball will forever be considered the great American pastime.