Howl-oween: Our Favorite Holiday Has Gone To The Dogs

  • September 09, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Pet Costumes Have Become Very PopularAmericans love their pets.  Many of us consider our pets to be just another member of the family--the “furry” kid if you will.  It shouldn’t be a surprise then that when it comes to Halloween and getting dressed up in costumes, many of us want our adorable pets to be a part of the action.  Dressing pets up in costumes for Halloween (or any day!) has become extremely popular the past few years, with about $370 million smackers being spent on pet costumes in 2012.  That’s a lot of dog treats!  If you are going to buy your furry buddy a costume this year, here are some helpful hints to make sure you and your pet’s experience is a positive one.

Fit:  Make sure your pet costume fits well.  Dangling or loose extra fabric can be hazardous to your dog as he may trip over it or get tangled up in the folds.  Read the sizing information for the costume and measure your pup to ensure that you get a good fit.  If the pet costume has “legs”, look for ones that are short with elastic so that they will fit closely to your pet’s body and not interfere with his ability to walk.

Keep The Ears Out Of It:  Be aware of how the pet costume will be worn and will eventually fit around your dog’s ears.  Dogs rely very heavily on their hearing and for both safety and comfort; his costume should not cover or interfere with his ears in any way.  Look for styles with strategically placed ear holes or ones that leave his head completely open. 

Who Am I?  Obviously everyone will be doing lots of ogling, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over your pet’s incredible cuteness while wearing his amazing pet costume.  It’s very easy to get so caught up in all the hoopla while assembling your pet’s Halloween ensemble that you might be tempted to remove or even forget to put on his dog tags.  It’s very important that your dog always be tagged appropriately--especially when there will be a lot of kids coming to the door trick-or-treating and you never know when a sneaky pet might get out.  Don’t risk it--make sure your dog’s tags are on as dogs with I.D. are ten times more likely to be returned to their owner should they become lost.

Dog Chic:  What costume is going to make your pet one hot dog?  (Besides the adorable frankfurter costume, that is…)  Last year, the hottest of the hot costumes for pets were:  Pumpkins, Devils, Witches, Princesses, Angels, Pirates, Hot Dogs, (hehe) Bats, Black Cats and of course, Superman.  Do you have an original, homemade pet costume idea that is just waiting to be discovered?  The Halloween Express 2013 D.I.Y. Costume Contest has a category open just for original pet costumes. 

Wearing a costume can actually be very fun for your dog if you are mindful of his comfort, and careful to avoid anything that may be annoying or bothersome to him.  Most dogs love the extra attention that wearing a costume will bring to them, and if they are lucky, perhaps they will even get a few extra doggie treats!  It is Halloween, after all!