Clever, Cagey and Cheap Ghostly Decor

  • September 12, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Clever Craft Idea

Hey my fellow crafty friends--another clever, easy and fun to do Halloween decorating idea came across my desk today that I just had to share with you.  This idea is especially cool for you summer gardeners who may be soon saying goodbye to the last of your summer tomato crop.  Stop!--don’t put away your tomato cages!  You can now use these cages to make some really whimsical, illuminated and spooky ghosts--and the best part of this idea is, these smart little lighted spooks will hardly cost you anything and can probably be mostly created using items you already have around the house.  Here’s how you do it:



Gather A Few Supplies: 

  • One tomato cage for every ghost you want to create.  (Hint:  They look awesome in groupings!)
  • Duct Tape
  • String of 50 low wattage lights for each ghost
  • Twist ties
  • Old thick socks
  • Sturdy sticks or dowels
  • Large black tip permanent marker OR thin black craft foam
  • White twin sized sheet


To Assemble:

    • Turn the tomato cage upside down so that the prong side is facing upward.  Gently bend and round the prongs toward the center of the cage and secure with duct tape.  Try to bend the prongs so that they form a rounded dome shape when taped.  This will ultimately become the form that shapes your ghost’s head!  HINT:  If you are having trouble creating a rounded head shape with the tomato cage prongs, try filling a plastic trash bag with leaves (or anything) to create a round ball that you can duct tape in place on the top of the cage.
    • Tomato Cage Ghost Craft
    • String the lights throughout the entire tomato cage with the plug coming out at the bottom side at whichever side you designate as the “back” of your ghost.  Secure the lights to the tomato cage with twist ties so they will stay in place.
    • If you want your ghosts to have “arms” then ball up two old thick socks together and duct tape this sock wad to the stick or dowel so that the socks stick out, creating a bulge that will eventually appear like a ghostly arm.  Repeat this process on the opposite side of the ghost frame.
    • Place the white sheet on the tomato cage frame to get an idea of where to draw on the ghost’s face.  Mark lightly with pencil or use pins so when you take the sheet off the frame you will know exactly where to draw on your ghost’s face.  Using the permanent marker (or craft foam if this is your preference) draw a spooky ghost face on the marked spot of the sheet. 

    Drape the sheet over the tomato cage and the sticks with socks.  Plug in the lights.  Wa-la!  There you have it!  A very unique, eye-catching and inexpensive Halloween decoration for your front porch or yard that is sure to please and welcome all your local trick or treaters.