What Are YOU Laughing At?

  • September 15, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Green Inflatable Skin SuitHalloween has historically been a time when some of the darker, more frightening parts of life have been embraced and even celebrated.  Halloween as we know it today actually evolved from an ancient pagan festival that was known as Samhain. The celebration of Samhain was held in order to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter months.  Samhain was also used as an opportunity to remember and honor those that had died.  The superstitious people that lived during those days thought that the spirits of the deceased had the ability to come back and roam the earth during the celebratory time of Samhain.  Thus, Samhain (and eventually Halloween) has always had some distinctly dark, frightening and macabre connotations associated with it.  The celebration of Halloween has come a long way since then, however.

Although it’s easy to see where some of the ancient mystical folklore has influenced our modern day Halloween celebrations, Halloween is a lot less scary and superstitious nowadays and certainly is a heckuva lot more fun.  When surveyed, the vast majority of kids ranked Halloween second only to Christmas as being their favorite of all the holidays celebrated throughout the year.  Let’s face it, in spite of its dark and scary history, Halloween has many things about it that also make it very, very fun…and these days, maybe even a little funny as well.

The popularity of humorous costumes is definitely on the rise, which is likely attributed to many different factors.  First of all, some people just don’t want to dress up as something scary.  There is no doubt that some of the creepier costume looks can be quite scary to small children (or even to us big people!) so some folks just want to avoid these looks altogether.  Secondly, Halloween tradition has evolved quite a bit over the last several decades.  Once a time to dress up as something ghoulish or frightful, Halloween has now become the perfect chance to be whatever you want to be, at least for one night.  In many cases, this dress up opportunity takes its shape as something truly hilarious and funny rather than something that is even remotely frightening. 

Humorous costumes are really fun to wear for a whole lot of reasons.  First of all, if you enjoy being the life of the party and are all about creating laughs amongst your group of friends, a humorous costume is almost a must for you!  Kids enjoy wearing funny costumes while out trick or treating because every time they knock on someone’s door they are likely to get a reaction or a laugh, which many kids will very much enjoy.  With so much emphasis on horror and scary things, sometimes it’s a nice break to bring a silly twist into what has become one of the most exciting holidays of the year. 

Interested in tickling your friend’s funny bones for Halloween rather than scaring them to death?   For bringing out your humorous side, we have a huge selection of some of the most absurd, ridiculous, and clever, not to mention side-splittingly hilarious costumes you’ve ever laid eyes on.  We’re not sure who actually thought of some of these crazy off-kilter ideas, but we are certainly glad they did.  You’re going to want to check out our complete collection of humorous costumes, as they are sure to add a lot of levity and complete buffoonery to your next Halloween celebration.  And guess what else?  We’ve put together our list of the top 10 most humorous costumes we’ve ever seen--these looks completely take the cake when it comes to being super silly.

Top 10 Funny Costumes for 2013Our List of the Top 10 Funny Halloween Costumes for 2013

So--what are you laughing at?  This Halloween, there should be plenty!