It's Getting a Little Ugly Around Here

  • September 20, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Using Prosthetics to Make the Most of Your CostumeEveryone knows that Halloween offers the perfect chance to get into a very wide array of costume characters.  After all, getting into that perfect costume is the biggest part of Halloween tradition!  Oftentimes, any given character or costume choice would be far benefitted or made extra amazing with the use of special effects makeup or prosthetics.  You may be thinking that these unique implements are only for the very ambitious to try, but that is definitely not the case.  Today’s Halloween makeup has been made very user friendly and this definitely includes the wide variety of special FX prosthetics and appliances. 

Prosthetics can be amazing to use for many different reasons.  In a few simple steps, the right prosthetic appliances can change various features on your face, giving you something that you definitely did not have before, including the look of nasty wounds, various skin conditions or even serious injuries.  Say for example you want to be an ugly witch for Halloween, but you realize that your cute button nose and softly turned up chin hardly looks the part.  Simply by adhering some well crafted prosthetics to your face and adding the appropriate makeup, you can completely transform your cute as a button face into something much more witch-like that appears to be truly frightening.  The best part is that creating this transformation really isn’t all that hard to do and can be easily accomplished in just a few easy steps. 

Halloween ProstheticsFirst of all, choose the prosthetic pieces that will best enhance your costume look.  Our huge selection of prosthetics is going to give you plenty to choose from, whether it be with a new nose shape, pointy ears or chin, or a really grossed out bloody wound of some sort. 

Prosthetic appliances are usually adhered to the skin with a product called spirit gum.  Once spirit gum is brushed onto the skin or to the appliance itself, it becomes very sticky and will stay in place until you remove it.  Once the appliance itself has been applied to your face, it can then be blended more seamlessly into the skin by brushing on a little bit of liquid latex around the edges of the appliance.  Once the liquid latex is dry, apply costume makeup as desired to create an amazing special FX look!  Depending on your character choice, you can add other special effects such as fake blood or coagulated blood gel to add further realism to your look.

Don’t be afraid to try some of these special effects makeup accessories.  Not only are they easy to use but also the character transformation you are looking for is often far easier to achieve with a little bit of makeup help!  Have fun and be creative!  For more ideas and tips on how to use prosthetics check out some of our exciting pieces in action on our “how to” video page where we show you how to make the most of your Halloween costume