Finding The Disney Princess In You

  • September 22, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Top 10 List of Disney PrincessesPassionate.  Confident.  Strong.  Determined.  Plus there’s that tiny little fact that these gals manage to somehow stay stunningly beautiful in most any circumstance, including fresh out of the water or even after being lost in the forest for days.   An all night magic carpet ride or even powerful sleeping curses can’t mess with these chicks. These leading ladies make up the royal line up of Disney Princesses.  What makes these gals so enviable?  Little girls love them.  Big girls want to be them. Grab your tiara, because here’s our top 10 list of Disney Princesses and what makes each and every one of them so incredibly special.

Sleeping Beauty-Aurora is her name and sleeping is her game.  Do to no fault of her own, this lovely lady is cursed at birth by a jealous evil fairy, which eventually caused her to fall into a deep slumber when she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel at the ripe old age of age sixteen.  Another nicer fairy offered hope to the poor girl with magic that could reverse the spell if her betrothed, Prince Phillip, kissed the lovely Aurora during her slumber.  Any bets on what happened?

Pocahontas-Pocahontas is a noble member of the Powhatan Indian Tribe.   Very strong willed and independent, Pocahontas is oddly unafraid of the white people and develops a strong friendship with John Smith while teaching him much about the traditions of her culture and people as well as about the world around them.  Pocahontas is deeply spiritual, kind and enjoys communing with nature, the spirits, animals and probably John Smith.

Are you a Disney Princess?Belle-Belle is very beautiful although she seems to be largely unaware of this fact as she is thought by most of her fellow townspeople to be a complete bookworm that values her intelligence over her looks.  Confident and a little outspoken at times, Belle is able to look past the frightful appearance of the beast and make an accurate assessment of his true character and worth.

Jasmine-Jasmine is another Disney princess who exhibits some mildly rebellious qualities. She feels trapped by her rigid and strict upbringing and longs for some of the freedoms that she sees other girls having.  Jasmine eventually runs away while joining Aladdin on some of his epic adventures, exploring a whole new world.

Cinderella-In spite of a life of toil and hard labor, beautiful Cinderella has maintained her cheerful disposition and love of life.  No wonder (with the help of a little magic from her Fairy Godmother) Cinderella is able to break free and find true love in the arms of a handsome Prince Charming. A happy ending was had, in spite of the fact that she tends to lose shoes.

Snow White-Snow White will ever be known as being the most gentle and probably the sweetest of all the Disney princesses.  Pure-hearted to a fault, Snow White was dubbed the “fairest of them all”, which actually caused her a lot of problems with the evil queen.  Snow White proves that you don’t have to be physically strong to be one tough cookie.

Disney PrincessMerida-The newest addition to the Disney Princess line up is a bit of a personality departure from some of the older princesses.  Merida is probably the most tomboyish and spirited of the princess clan.  Outgoing, forceful and headstrong, Merida is also pretty skilled in archery and horseback riding.

Ariel-Ariel is a mermaid that is not only a hopeless romantic with a mesmerizing singing voice, but she is completely obsessed with one day becoming a part of the human world.  A little rebellious, Ariel falls in love with Eric, whom she rescued from a shipwreck.  Ariel is willing to literally do most anything to be with the man she truly loves. 

Mulan-Mulan is a truly unique Disney Princess persona. Mulan does not really fit in with the expectations of the typical Chinese girls of her time, being far stronger and self-reliant than the average Chinese girl.  Although very lovely to behold, Mulan is also somewhat clutzy, not to mention outspoken.  Rather than being obedient, quiet and demure like she is expected to be, Mulan truly breaks the mold of typical Chinese women once and for all.

Rapunzel-Rapunzel has the distinctive characteristic of having the absolute longest hair of any of the Disney princesses, with her locks extending to about 70 ft., 10 ft. long when more conveniently braided.  In addition to her extremely long hair, Rapunzel has the ability to reverse the aging process as well as heal people with her magic healing incantation song. Playful and adventurous, Rapunzel has spent a great deal of her life in virtual isolation, but like a truly good little Disney Princess, Rapunzel has made very good use of her time, educating herself in the arts, literature, music and astronomy. 

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