Pimping Your Pad for Halloween

  • October 14, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

Graveyard TombstoneIf you haven’t already started thinking about it, now would be the time.  With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to completely trick out your yard, Halloween style and it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.  In fact, we have some great suggestions for even you lazier people out there (like me). 

Lights.  Let’s face it.  There is no Halloween fun in having trick or treaters tripping over things in your yard and knocking over your Jack-o-Lanterns.  Having a brightly lit pathway to your door is essential--but that’s not to say that it can’t be eerie and spooky at the same time.  Pathway lights (made extra scary with additions like creepy skull toppers) are a practical addition to your Halloween décor that will also add some seriously spooky ambience at the same time.  What could be better?  

Jack.  He’s a Halloween staple and if you don’t have a Jack-o-Lantern on the premises for Halloween then you probably really don’t know Jack.  There’s a very high likelihood that you (along with the rest of America) will be carving up your own pumpkins with all sorts of clever, silly and evil grins and setting these masterpieces out to greet your local trick or treaters.  A few jack-helpful essentials will assist you with all your pumpkin carving needs.  Make sure you have a pumpkin-carving kit handy (with lots of those tiny, groovy, serrated carving tools to get into all those tight places) and a good pumpkin light to illuminate your Jack, which is actually a lot more reliable (not to mention safer) than a candle any day.

Skull Pathway LightsBats, Spiders and Rats.  There is nothing like the use of good ol’ ordinary pests to really spook up your abode for Halloween.  It never ceases to amaze me how effectively scary a rubber rat can be as he sits next to your Jack-o-Lantern or pokes his head out of your shrubbery.  Everyone knows that sickening ghoul hanging from your tree isn’t real--but the rat?  He has to power to send people running--the possibilities are actually endless.  Using creepy rodents and arachnids with reckless abandon as a part of your Halloween décor is a quick and easy way to give the locals a bad case of the heebie jeebies.

Decorations.  This is your time to shine!  Having a few carefully selected or handmade Halloween decorations in your yard gives you the chance to express yourself, spooky style all while adding some creepy effects to your (now haunted) home.  A graveyard theme is easy and fun as are a wide variety of ghosts and goblins that you can effectively hang from your trees or eaves.  The highlight of your Halloween set up should probably be on your front porch, as you will likely have many young visitors haunting your doorstep on Halloween night.  Make sure you have something fun and spooky there to greet them!

Tunes.  Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some really creepy music to accompany it.  This little extra touch is one that is often forgotten but wow, does it pack an extra spooky punch when it comes to getting into a Halloween mood.  Play a DVD out your window that is loaded with super scary Halloween music, or even one with haunted sounds is super cool too.  Your guests might not be expecting those extra creaks, howls, cackles and screams when they come to your door but they are going to love the extra frightening and haunted effect that it brings.

And there you have it, easy, but highly effective ways to simply decorate your pad with extra spooky style for Halloween.  We’re certain your fully pimped out place is going to be simply boo-tiful.