Finishing Touches To Give Your Costume Look Professional Flair

  • October 28, 2013
  • Jenna Maxwell

We’re down to the wire now folks, and the countdown into Halloween has officially begun.  As you finish assembling your Halloween costume supplies, do you have everything you need, or perhaps you have that nagging, gnawing sensation, suggesting that something still might be missing?  Pulling off a fabulous costume look is more than just getting into the actual costume.  Sometimes what you add at the end that may even seem like small things or extra touches can end up making a monumental difference.  The right makeup, special effects and costume accoutrements can make what once was a simple and ordinary costume, nothing short of spectacular and perhaps even make you look like a Hollywood pro. 

Special FX: Hollywood professionals have used cinema-style makeup and prosthetics for decades, but now these items have been cleverly adapted for the masses for easy use at home with some pretty spectacular results.  You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to get very good results with some of these truly amazing products.  Depending on your chosen character, consider adding on prosthetic noses, wounds, scars or any number of truly vile looking bruises or lacerations in order to give your character a little more Halloween style reality. 

Makeup:  Ordinary makeup that you would use in your everyday life is often not vibrant or bold enough for use in a costume look. Costume makeup is designed to fit your unique needs when it comes to getting into your Halloween character.  Whether you are making yourself up as a shockingly green Halloween witch or a brightly colored blue Smurf, you want your color to be bold and long lasting.  A good costume makeup followed with a setting powder is going to get you dramatic results that are sure to enhance your chosen costume character.

Hair:  There is nothing that can get you into your chosen character faster than correctly adding hair to yourself in order to complete your costume look.  Whether it’s just a little facial hair or even a full-blown character wig, giving your costume the added benefit of character-appropriate hair (through a little costume magic, of course) is going to give you some pretty amazing results with very little effort or stress involved! 

Need some last minute ideas or help with application techniques?  We have over forty how-to videos showing you precisely how to add costume makeup, special effects, hair, blood and all sorts of costume details to a wide variety of popular character looks.  Make your costume come to life in a very unique way with some of these truly amazing products!