Olympic Team Style: Medal-Worthy Costumes Light Up Sochi

  • February 18, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that the 2014 Olympic Winter Games are under way.  More than any other time of athletic competition, during the Olympic games it usually means that even the most non-athletic people will temporarily stop whatever they are doing to become sports fans. Whether you like the ice-skating, the skiing, the hockey or even the curling or bobsledding, it seems the games have something to offer just about everyone.  The Olympics always seem to create memorable characters with each passing games as well. Even just days into the competitions, some of the Olympic costumes already have us talking--in fact, we think it’s almost a shame that there aren’t awards given for some of the more kooky, unique and bizarre of what we’ve seen thus far in Sochi.  In the spirit of the Olympics, we believe some of these more memorable Olympic looks clearly are medal worthy!

BRONZE:  US Team Sweaters

We can’t give the United States Olympic Team much credit for cool when it comes to their chosen team uniforms for this year’s Olympic games.  Looking downright homespun, these patchwork getups are reminiscent of something someone’s granny might have pieced together.  The team’s jackets look like a patriotic version of that ugly Christmas sweater Aunt Mabel wears to your Christmas dinner every year.  In spite of being probably one of the homeliest US Olympic Team Uniforms on record, these sweaters have already sold out online and very clever and entrepreneurial types are reselling them on eBay for thousands of dollars, making quite a tidy little profit.  Now that’s the U.S. spirit!  For turning a lemon into lemonade, we give these uniforms our honorary “bronze” status. 

SILVER:Norwegian Curlers

The Norwegian Curling Team is making quite a reputation for itself and it may very well be far more for it’s wardrobe choices than it actually is for the sport of curling. It seems that many folks are tuning in to not only see the guys do their curling thing; but also to see what these funky fellas are going to wear while they compete out on the ice.  Known for wearing some very outlandish and colorful uniforms, this year in Sochi, when it comes to memorable costumes  (excuse me, “uniforms”) the Norwegian curlers will not disappoint.  For their very unique sense of style, these kooky curlers get the “silver” award.

GOLD:Mexico Olympic Gold

When it comes to making a statement about who he really is, this guy has to be a hands-down favorite.  Humbertus von Hohenlohe, at age 55 is not only the second oldest athlete to compete at this year’s Olympic games, but he is also the only athlete representing the country of Mexico at this year’s winter games.  There is something about this guy’s quirky yet classy yet positively over the top style that we are digging--big time.  Humberto’s Mariachi Olympic Prince look was both flamboyant and attention getting; we wholeheartedly give his unique Olympic look the GOLD!

This year’s Olympic styles will go down in history just as the athletes who competed will do, forever leaving their mark on the 2014 Sochi Winter Games.  Our huge costume and accessory collection can help you find your own unique way to express yourself, too even if it is just as an average, everyday athletic supporter.  Dress up and get into your own version of the Olympic spirit!