Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

  • April 28, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell
Legends of Oz:  Dorothy's Return It looks like we are all in for another exciting sojourn down the Yellow Brick Road.   Early this May, the epic saga based on “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” (L. Frank Baum) and “Dorothy of Oz” (Roger Stanton Baum) continues right where it left off after Dorothy landed safely back at her home in Kansas. “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return” begins as Dorothy is beckoned back to the land of Oz by her beloved friends the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Man.  Time has passed at an oddly rapid pace while Dorothy has been away from the Emerald City.  Within just a very short period of time, Oz has been completely enveloped in utter turmoil.  A wicked Jester (who is also the brother of the Wicked Witch of the West) has been trying to obtain complete power over Oz and has designs on turning many of the prime citizens of the Emerald City into marionettes! Dorothy makes an emergency trip back to the wonderful Land of Oz to help her friends take on the Jester, using a special and magical rainbow to make the trip to Oz rather than using the traditional yellow brick road. Once arriving in Oz, Dorothy quickly realizes the dire magnitude of the situation, which now clearly puts Oz in some very serious danger. Dorothy enlists the help of some new and exciting characters in order to help her on her noble quest.  These new helpmates include: a china doll Princess, a marshmallow man named Marshal Mallow, a rather large owl named Wiser and a tugboat named of course, Tugg.  This odd lot will work together to try and overcome the evil Jester and restore order and peacefulness to the city of Oz.   Dorothy’s mission is not without pitfalls and back steps, as the Jester does everything within his evil power to thwart the awkward crew’s best efforts--including building a few detours into the yellow brick road! “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return” is a beautifully computer animated 3-D film.  The cast of superstars playing the voices of the characters contains many of Hollywood’s most popular heavyweights.  Lea Michelle plays the voice of Dorothy.  Dan Aykroyd plays the voice of the Scarecrow, while Kelsey Grammar plays the voice of the Tin Man and Jim Belushi brings vocal life to the Cowardly Lion.  Martin Short skillfully has injected true evil into the role of the notorious and very maliciously minded Jester! Get excited for the next chapter of one of the most beloved stories of our time!  The tale of Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz that has been a treasured part of many generations, goes on in “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return.”  You will not want to miss this exciting new film! Want to bring Dorothy and her cast of misfits into life for yourself?  Check out our complete selection of Wizard of Oz costume looks and you too can enjoy an imaginative trip to Oz of your very own!

Spiderman: Why he really is AMAZING

  • April 21, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell

Are you counting down the days like I am to the release of “The Amazing Spiderman 2?”  I am enthralled with superhero flicks and Spidey has always been one of my faves for a whole lot of reasons, so I have been awaiting this film with great anticipation.  And then I saw this:

This trailer really got me going, and chances are even the most lackluster Spiderman fan is going to have their interest piqued by that tantalizing teaser.  The official release date for the new Spiderman film is May 2nd.  (That’s only about 10 very loooooong days away, folks.) As for me, it got me thinking about all the reasons I truly love Spiderman--maybe you can relate to these, too?

We Grew Up Together:  Spiderman has been around for a long time-- his comic book debut occurring way back in the early sixties!  Spiderman was one of the first teenaged superheroes to have his own star status and not be relegated to being someone else’s sidekick.  Because of his youth, many youngsters could relate to him pretty easily.  We’ve watched Spiderman grow up right along side of ourselves.  From the days of our youth as we ran around in our Spiderman jammies to the more subdued adulation we now experience as grown ups--well, many of us are loyal lifetime Spidey fans!

Coming of Age: Peter Parker, the alter ego of ol’ Spidey, began as an angst-ridden teenager, experiencing most of the trials and tribulations that a normal adolescent would.  Peter Parker is often shy, dorky, kind of insecure, often broke and always has a whole plethora of personal issues.  These human frailties only make Spiderman more appealing to the masses however, as we’ve all been there, too.  Granted, most of us don’t have a secret life as a spandex-clad, spindly web-flinging crime fighter, but the whole normal teenager thing--well, we get that.

Closet Comedian:  Who has better one liner’s than Spiderman?  He may be very serious about his quest for truth and right, but there is a side to Spidey that is just a funny guy.  Constantly quipping and forever being a bit of a smartass, Spidey finds dry humor in even the direst of circumstances and in the presence of some pretty formidable foes.  Based on the trailer, it looks like “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is likely to be filled to the brim with Spidey’s unique brand of humor and wise crackin’ zingers.

Boy Next Door:  Peter Benjamin Parker could be the boy next door.  He’s always been a bit of a loner, but in spite of his slightly reclusive nature, he’s just a down to earth, nice guy.  He does have a rather large secret to keep--and can you imagine the pressure of taking on some of the world’s most evil and notorious villains?  The utter dichotomy of Peter’s daily existence is, and always will be completely fascinating.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in theatres May 2nd.  Want to create some super Spiderman action of your very own? Be sure to check out our instructional video on how to create that perfectly amazing Spiderman makeup look!

Captain America: A True Marvel

  • April 14, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell

Captain America CostumeThe Marvel comic universe has once again reintroduced one of our favorite superheroes.  “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” hit theatres to some record setting numbers, just in time for some exciting Spring Break entertainment.  This latest installment of the ongoing Captain America saga opened up the latest chapter of one who could arguably be our nation’s most patriotic superhero.  What is it about Captain America that we love so much?  Why is Captain America’s noble persona something so many of us can relate to?

Captain America: A True Retro Hero:  Captain America comes straight out of what has become well-known as “The Greatest Generation”, being one of the brave heroes of World War II.  As a child, Captain America was sickly and weak.  It was only as part of a WWII experiment that Captain America was able to receive a special Super-Soldier serum that was able to transform him into a truly amazing and phenomenal physical specimen, now capable of feats of great endurance and physicality that far surpassed the average human being.  Captain America is a superhero in so many ways, and yet he still has much inside him that is ‘every’ man.

Truth, Justice and The American Way:  Captain America is possessed by his complete belief in his beloved country and the values of the America he truly believes in.  His valiant patriotism and fight to do what is right for his country is not only admirable but clearly is what drives him.  In his prolific and heroic career, Captain America has taken on Nazi’s, Fascists, communism, anarchy and of course, terrorism.  Preserving freedom and the American Way is and always will be, Captain America’s primary life mission.

Bravery, Courageousness and Loyalty:  Captain America has many personality traits that make him admirable in addition to his obvious love of country and extreme patriotism.  Fiercely loyal, Captain America is honest to a fault and is courageous in the most daunting of circumstances.  Where others would cower and perhaps let fear take over, the red, white and blue, star-spangled Captain overcomes any misgivings and uses his ever-present fighting spirit to tangle with the most daunting of foes.  Nobility seems to flow freely through the veins of Captain America!

The Costume!  In addition to the many obvious and amazingly heroic traits that Captain America obviously possesses, he also has some pretty epic duds that completely showcase his superhero image.  Because of the Super-Soldier serum, Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) became a physically perfect (and then some) human being. Having the most epic costume to show it all off is obviously now mandatory by any comic book or movie standards.

Captain America’s actual garb is typically bulletproof and is made appropriately in the brilliant colors of the American flag-red, white and blue. His costume sleekly covers his entire body, with the exception of parts of his face, specifically his nose, mouth and ears.  Captain America also usually carries his legendary round shield that is emblazoned with red, white and blue stars and stripes.  Captain America’s shield has been used throughout his history for protection and on occasion, has also been used as a pretty impressive weapon itself.  Check out our huge selection of Captain America costume looks and accessories for men, women and kids to get into the patriotic spirit of this truly amazing American superhero! Be sure and check out “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” now showing at a theatre near you! 

The Bunny Hop

  • April 07, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell

Let's Do The Bunny HopFor over half a century, springtime revelers and dance party enthusiasts have enjoyed a simple little conga-style dance called “The Bunny Hop”.  You probably already know what it is, and chances are, you’ve probably even done the Bunny Hop yourself, at least once in your life.  These days this silly little dance has likely retained its popularity more with kindergarteners than the mainstream, but back in it’s heyday the Bunny Hop was very much the “in thing” and anyone who was anyone was flippin’ their lid over this hands-on line style dance. Whenever we think of springtime rituals, we just can’t help but exhume this vintage bunny style of getting down!

History of The Bunny Hop

The Bunny Hop’s easy, bouncing groove began as a trendy dance fad popularized in 1952 by a group of teenagers at Balboa High School in San Francisco, California.  A popular band leader by the name of Ray Anthony saw the cool cat students doing this dance and came up with his famous song known as “The Bunny Hop” that would not only put the Bunny Hop permanently in it’s proper place in infamy, but the catchy lyrics would also help the masses quickly learn the dance steps!  Ray Anthony’s “The Bunny Hop” also became a big hit record and kids of all ages have been doing the Bunny Hop ever since.

How To Dance The Bunny Hop

Learning to do the Bunny Hop is very easy, particularly when you have the original Ray Anthony “The Bunny Hop” lyrics to coach you through the steps!  Once you have the basic moves down, you can do this dance to lots of different styles of music, but it’s part of Bunny Hop tradition to use the original tune--especially true for novice dancers.  To this day, even the youngest of children have huge fun donning their bunny ears or bunny costumes and doing “The Bunny Hop” dance at school or at parties.

Step-by-Step instructions for doing The Bunny Hop:

  • Stand in a front to back line on the dance floor with all your fellow-bunny hoppers. 
  • Put your hands on the hips of the person in front of you; expect the person behind you to have their hands on your hips as well.  During all the steps to follow, you should keep your hands on the hips of the person in front of you and not let go.
  • When the music begins, listen to the lyrics to guide you through the following easy steps.  Begin with your right foot and kick it out to the ground on your right side and then bring it back in to its originating spot. Repeat this step a second time.
  • Next, do the stepping out process again, this time using your left foot and stepping out to your left side and then bringing it back in to its originating spot. Repeat this step once again on the left side.
  • Hop forward with both feet together.
  • Hop backward with both feet together.
  • Finally, hop forward three consecutive times with both feet together.
  • Repeat these steps as indicated by the lyrics of the music.
  • Try to keep from laughing hysterically and losing your place in the steps; that is the only part of this dance that is not easy! 

The Bunny Hop is a fun and easy dance to do at children’s parties, springtime celebrations, as well as family get-togethers.  The Bunny Hop is not only very easy to learn but it’s also a great ice breaker for kids of all ages who just want to have that perfect eggscuse for a hoppin’ good time! 


Hey, Hey…the Gang’s All Here. Expendables 3 Trailer Debuts.

  • April 04, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell

Expendables 3 Trailer

When it comes to Lionsgate and the “The Expendables 3” character line up, it seems that really no one was very “expendable” at all. Yesterday’s exciting release of “The Expendables 3” trailer had a rather enormous laundry list of big ol’ 1980’s action-film heroes heading the pack. Check out this epic Hollywood hit list: Dolph Lundren. Sylvester Stallone. Jason Statham. Jet Li. Wesley Snipes. Randy Couture. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Terry Crews. Mel Gibson. Harrison Ford. Kelsey Grammer. (Hold on…I need to catch my breath!) Antonio Banderas. Kellan Lutz. Rhonda Rousey. Glen Powell. Victor Ortiz. And this is just in the trailer! Rumor has it that other big names might be making an appearance in the film as well, such as the likes of David Lee Roth, Wayne Gretzky, Ralph Macchio, Barry Bonds, Debbie Harry and Vanilla Ice. “The Expendables 3” is set to be released this August, but you can check out the newly debuted exciting trailer here and now!