The Sweet Truth About Your Halloween Candy

  • October 28, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell
Fun Facts about Halloween Candy

Let’s face it.  For some folks, Halloween is all about the candy.  Yes, there are a lot of fun rituals and traditions that go along with the acquisition in of the sweet stuff. The truth is, however, the quest for Halloween candy has become one of the central focuses of this beloved holiday.  Here are some fun and somewhat astounding facts about your trick or treat candy!

•    Americans purchase over 600 million pounds of Halloween candy annually, with over 90 million pounds of this candy being made of delicious chocolate.  Halloween candy purchases surpass all other holidays when it comes to candy bought in conjunction with a specific holiday, including Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day.

•    The average U.S. household will spend an average of about 45 dollars on Halloween candy that will be passed out to the trick-or-treaters that come to their door.

•    We know everyone loves chocolate and surveys show that the most favorite varieties of Halloween candy involve this luscious brown decadence.  Chocolate preferences aside, did you know that the biggest seller of Halloween candy in actual sales is candy corn?   After candy corn, the top spots in Halloween popularity go to Snickers, Reese’s, Kit Kat and M&M’s. 

•    The least favorite Halloween candies are Smarties, Bubble Gum and Strawberry hard candies. (You still have time to rethink your choice if this is what you have in your candy bowl!)

•    Most people buy the snack-sized or fun-sized varieties of candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters.  If you want to become extremely popular (and fast) on Halloween night, pass out full-size candy selections. It’s truly a Halloween phenomenon how rapidly the word travels about the epic house that passes out the big stuff.

•    Two out of three kids surveyed claimed that Halloween was their favorite holiday celebrated each year, and this was because of trick-or-treating.  Dressing up in a costume was the next reason Halloween was popular with youngsters. 

•     A whopping 90% of parents admit to eating some of their children’s trick -or-treat candy.  We’re not telling if you’re not telling!

•    October 28th is the biggest day of the year when it comes to candy sales.  These purchases are of course, attributed to folks buying candy in preparation for Halloween.

•    Although it varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, most folks feel that you can be too old for trick or treating.  In other words, if you are still actively trick or treating and collecting candy with your kids, you might want to rethink this.  Just sneak a few items from your kid’s candy loot when they aren’t looking instead.

Happy Halloween from your friends at Halloween Express! 

Terror-ific Halloween Trivia: Simply Un-BOO-lievable

  • October 27, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell
Halloween Trivia

It’s hard to believe it, but Halloween is almost here. As you sit here counting down the days until October 31st, we thought you might enjoy a little bit of appropriate Halloween-time entertainment.  If you are going to have a ghost of a chance of containing your excitement for what’s going down later on this week, you have to keep your mind occupied, right?  In the meantime--what better things to ponder on than some great Halloween trivia!  Here’s our list of Halloween fun facts that are sure to get you feelin’ really ghoully! 

•    Back in really ancient days, October the 31st was the last day of the Celtic calendar.

•    And speaking of those ancient Celtics…me oh my, were they ever superstitious.  (And thank goodness that they were!)  They revered this time of the year very much because it marked the end of their harvest. Folks thought that the spirits of the dead could come back to visit them during the celebrations that they held in order celebrate the onset of winter.

•    Jack-o-Lanterns originally were carved from pumpkins!  As crazy as it may sound, the first Jack’s were crafted from…turnips!  Yes, turnips!  When Irish immigrants came to America, they brought their customs with them, of course.  The immigrants quickly realized that pumpkins were far more plentiful and easier to come by than turnips. Thus, they began carving their celebratory Halloween lanterns from the brightly colored gourds instead! 

•    And speaking of those very early Jack-o-Lanterns…they were actually created to serve a very useful purpose.  Remember those ancient superstitious Celtic people I mentioned a second ago?  Well, because folks were a tad nervous about all those spirits flitting about on Halloween night, they made creepy lanterns carved with spooky faces as a type of rudimentary deterrent. The idea was that these scary lanterns would keep any malevolent spirits at bay!

•    During the days during the medieval period, owls were not something anyone wanted to mess with--in fact; an owl was considered to be a witch in disguise. People were frightened of owls because to hear an owl calling was thought to be a premonition of imminent disaster or even death.

•    And speaking of scary animals…the black cat was considered to be a witch’s familiar, which essentially means that the black cat was a witch’s right-hand man, busily doing the work of the devil of course.

•    European immigrants brought Halloween and many variations of its associated ancient traditions to America.  Many of the most beloved parts of this holiday have been a part of Halloween culture for centuries!  Halloween is one of the oldest celebrations in the world with its roots beginning well over 2000 years ago.

•    Vampire Bats are real, people.  These creatures actually DO feed on the blood of livestock and birds, and their existence was first discovered down in South America.

•    Ancient folklore states that if you see a creepy spider on Halloween it’s actually a good thing.  Supposedly, seeing an arachnid on October the 31st means that a deceased loved one is watching out for you and sending you a bit of a paranormal greeting.

•    Halloween is second only to Christmas in the amount of commercial business being generated.

•    Love to party?  (Ok, that was probably a dumb question.)  Well, Halloween is one of the biggest party days of the year, coming in third place behind New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sunday.

•    Over 90% of kids will go trick-or-treating this Halloween. 

Okay folks, now that you have all the fun facts about All Hallows Eve, it’s time to go out and have some great Halloween howls of your own! Enjoy all the fun that this beloved holiday has to offer.   Have a spook-tacular Halloween--be safe, be sane and remember to mind your mummy! 

Happy Halloween from your friends at Halloween Express! 

Eleven Spooky Halloween Hacks

  • October 21, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell
Eleven Halloween Hacks Halloween is just ten days away, but there’s no reason to panic if you aren’t completely ready.  We’ve put together a list of sweet ideas that are sure to up the ante on your Halloween cool quotient and may even make your life a little easier, too!  We’re not sure who thinks of this stuff, but we are sooooo glad that they do! Kool-Aid Dyed Stockings:  There are a lot of costumes that may require you to have legs in various absurd colors.  (Take bright green, for example.)  Dying ordinary nylons with Kool-Aid is pretty easy and gives you a lot of color options as well.  To briefly sum the process up, heat up (don’t boil) a potful of water (enough to cover the pantyhose) and dissolve a couple of packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid into the water. Add the hosiery to the pot of hot water and continue to stir, using a spoon that is NOT going to snag the hose.  Keep “cooking the hose” over medium heat until the color begins to be absorbed by the stockings.  Once this color absorption happens, rinse the nylons thoroughly in cold water until the water runs clear.  Hang the stockings over a sink or in the shower to dry. Pumpkin Ice Bucket:  Cut the top off a very large pumpkin and clean out the pumpkin innards very thoroughly.  Place a plastic or glass bowl inside the emptied out pumpkin cavern and then fill this up with ice and beverages.  This hollowed-out pumpkin creates a very festive ice bucket for your Halloween party! Pumpkin Ice Bucket Idea Glowing Ice Cubes:  This is easy.  Tonic water that contains quinine will glow a vibrant blue when put underneath a black light.  By simply making your party ice cubes from tonic water, you can very easily have ice cubes that will glow eerily when ultra violet lighting is in use. Where’s The Bloody Toilet?  Try adding a non-staining bottle of red pool dye to the tank of your toilet for your next Halloween party.  Cut a small hole in the foil seal on the bottle of the dye and turn the bottle on its side before placing it into the toilet tank. Every flush your guests take will be bloody red!  So creepy!!! Scaly Face:  Need a last minute costume idea that is crazy-creepy?  Create a reptile-like scaly face with ease by using fishnet stockings as a stencil.  Put the stockings over your face and then using a dark or colored shade of makeup, sponge the makeup over the fishnets onto the face.  Carefully remove the stockings and powder the makeup to set. This easy technique creates a very freaky looking (not to mention scary) reptilian look! Orange Hot Chocolate:  Are you serving hot chocolate at your Halloween celebration?  Try using a white chocolate mix instead of the regular brown kind.  Add orange food coloring to make the mixture a bright orange.  Top with whip cream, of course! Lite Brite Pumpkin Lite-Brite Pumpkin:  De-gut your Halloween pumpkin as you normally would and using a pumpkin cleaning tool or large spoon, scrape down the walls of your pumpkin so that they are fairly thin.  Press in LITE BRITE lights into the exterior of the pumpkin in any design or pattern you like.  When you light your pumpkin, the LITE BRITE lights will glow and look amazing! Elegant Pumpkin Décor: Decorating with pumpkins does not always have to be about carving!  Some very legit, not to mention classy pumpkin decorations can be easily created simply by using spray paint and whole pumpkins.  Simply cover your work area carefully with newspaper and using whatever color spray paint you want, (we love the variety of black, white and even gray) spray paint your pumpkins.  Let the pumpkins dry thoroughly.  Add glitter, ribbons or other designs as desired. Sparkly Lights:  Ordinary Mason Jars can be made into some pretty glam Halloween lights just by using a little ordinary Elmer’ s Glue and some sparkly glitter.  Spread the inside of the Mason jar with glue.  Roll the jar around with the glitter inside until the glitter adheres well to the inside of the jar.  (We like to use bright orange glitter, but any color can be used.)  Let the glue dry very well and then light up the jars with tea lights. Holy Guacamole:  Carve a smallish pumpkin with a face design that has an unusually large mouth opening.  Place this carved pumpkin on a serving platter. Spread your party guacamole (or any other chunky party dip) onto the platter, making the dip look as if it is spewing from the pumpkin’s rather large mouth opening.  Have some chips nearby! Pumpkin Carving Made Easy with Cookie Cutters:  Want an easy solution to create perfectly shaped cutouts on your Jack-O-Lantern?  Try using metal cookie cutters and a rubber mallet.  After cleaning the guts out of your pumpkin, place your cookie cutter on the pumpkin where you want a cut out to be and then gently pound it into the pumpkin surface, using a rubber mallet.  Carefully remove the cutout and wa-la, a perfectly shaped cutout!

How Superstitious Are You?

  • October 17, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell
How Superstitious Are You?

Halloween and superstitions just seem to go together.  This time of the year, we do have a lot of fun as we celebrate the spookier things in life.  Superstitions (however baseless) are a part of the scarier side of our existence and have been around as long as there have been human beings.  Some superstitions are so deeply ingrained into our day to day lives that we seem to have embraced them without even thinking about why we act on them.  Many superstitions are very common and even socially accepted; others are just plain ridiculous.  How many of these well-known superstitions do you believe?

Thirteen.  Thirteen is just a number isn’t it?  Or is it? The number thirteen has become so prevalently feared and avoided that there is a legitimate phobia associated with it, with many people who suffer from the condition. Triskaidekaphobia or morbid fear of the number thirteen is often associated with Friday the 13th or any use of the number thirteen at all.  This fear has become so prevalent that some airlines do not have a thirteenth row on their planes and many high rise buildings skip having a thirteenth floor altogether.

Black Cats.  Since the medieval era, a black cat has been considered an ominous symbol of evil and the devil.  Black cats were then considered to be witch's familiars, meaning they were a witch’s cohort while she was supposedly out doing the devil’s bidding.  These days, it still can be considered to be a sign of bad luck or imminent disaster if a black cat crosses your path. 

Cracks in the Sidewalk.  Back in the mid twentieth century, there was a common bit of urban lore being perpetuated that the act of stepping on cracks in the sidewalk could bring about a whole plethora of various misfortunes.  From being chased by bears to having your mother’s bones begin to break one by one, stepping on sidewalk cracks was not something to be messed with.  Some overly fearful folks thought that the sidewalk cracks were the literal openings into the depths of hell and that stepping on them could release demonic beings.

Salt Over the Shoulder.  Have you ever spilled some salt and then felt compelled to toss a little of it over your shoulder to prevent bad luck?  Ancient folklore taught that salt, because of it’s preservative properties, would also preserve a life.  If the devil tried to sneak up on you from the rear, a little salt tossed in that direction could prevent any harm from occurring.

Walking Under a Ladder.  There are a few theories as to why walking underneath an open ladder might be a bad idea.  First of all, walking under a ladder when something is perched on top of it (like perhaps a full and heavy can of paint) creates just a precarious enough situation that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how something bad could easily happen.  Historic lore also states that because an open ladder resembles the triangle shape of the Trinity, walking through and disrupting the sacred triangle was disrespectful enough to invoke potential repercussions. 

Broken Mirrors.  Break the mirror and you’re doomed to seven years of bad luck, right?   If you believe in this old wives tale superstition, a broken mirror carries with it a pretty hefty penalty!  As it turns out, centuries ago, it was believed that human souls existed within a mirror.  Thus, if a mirror was broken, it was then fallaciously believed that it would take seven years for the soul to rebuild and repair itself.  It’s probably safe to say that this is one superstition that can be safely shattered. 

Sometimes even the most levelheaded and grounded amongst us get a little bit superstitious.  Whether you choose just to believe in lucky charms or even if you have a few more sinister superstitions of your own, there is no doubt that these omens are a part of our culture at large.  Halloween has become the perfect time to embrace our silly superstitions and perhaps even learn to laugh a little at some of the most unreasonable fears that have found a quiet nesting place deep inside our psyche. 

Halloween: The Perfect Time for Themed Family Dress Up

  • October 15, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell
Themed Family Dress Up

Halloween has rapidly evolved over the decades.  Nowadays, adults are no longer content to let the kiddos have all the All Hallows Eve fun--they want in on the spooky excitement of this fabulous holiday, too!  Halloween is a spook-tacular way for entire families to have a great time together, while at the same time making memories that are sure to last a lifetime.  Gone are the days where moms and dads are content to stay in the shadows on Halloween night, holding the flashlight while the kids go from house to house trick or treating.  These days, grownups are having a total blast dressing up with their kids and making the rounds of trick or treating in full costume.  For the “bigger kids”, getting into the spirit of Halloween is not really about the candy as much as it is about spending quality time with the entire family while doing something really fun together.  Why be a Halloween bystander when you can participate in the activities instead?  It’s a sure bet that your kids fun quotient is going to go way up when the parents are in full costume as well.  Even grandparents can have fun getting into the action. 

Pick a Theme: One of the latest trends in Halloween dress up is to have your family choose a theme, and then have every member of the family dress in a costume that fits the theme accordingly.  Themes chosen can be as simple or as complicated as you desire.  It’s particularly fun to choose a costume theme that expresses the personality of your family.  Deciding on what characters your family wants to dress up can be a lot of fun.  Have each family member offer up his or her ideas and then choose a theme idea that everyone can get excited about using.

Theme Ideas: There are so many possibilities and choices when it comes to selecting a family group theme for your family’s Halloween dress up experience.  The Internet is a great place to start to conjure up some great ideas--you will be amazed at how creative people can be!  Still stumped as to what costumes might be fun for your family to wear?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Famous Families. Try transforming your family into another famous family via costumes!  There are plenty of memorable families to choose from, but here are a few of our favorites:

Television or Movie Characters: Recreating your favorite cast of characters from your favorite television show or movie is a great idea for a family costume theme.  Choose a television show/movie/cartoon that your entire family loves and then have fun getting into your individual characters.  Here are some popular ideas:

 Historical Periods: Another great (and shhhh, educational) idea for family costume themes is to recreate costume looks from another period in history.  Not only can you have fun getting into your historical characters, but your kids will also be learning about another time and place in history simultaneously through the process of dressing up!  What could be better than that?  Some extremely fun historical periods with fabulous costume choices include:

Books and Literature: Books are a wonderful source of inspiration when it comes to providing exciting costume character choices. What could be better than letting your child bring his/her favorite storybook characters into life through imaginative dress up?  Some possibilities you may want to consider:

Family Halloween dress up could very well change the way you do Halloween from this point going forward.  Not only will you have the time of your life dressing up in costume with your entire family, but also you will very likely become the sanctioned coolest family on the block!  Halloween just got that much spookier--forget the ghosts, beware of the family!! 

Aye Columbus!

  • October 13, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell
Columbus Day 2014

We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled Halloween countdown in order to bring you a special holiday update.  Unless you are a government employee (woo hoo!) you might not even realize it, but today is <drum roll> Columbus Day!  Columbus Day commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World --which occurred on October the 12, 1492.  Columbus Day has been an official federal holiday since 1937.  Here are some other fun facts that you may not know about Columbus Day!

Flat Out False:  Columbus did not set out on his famous journey in order to prove that the world was round.  By 1492, most scholars and intelligent people already knew that the world was definitely not shaped like a pancake.

Left Out Leif:  Columbus was not the first European person to cross the Atlantic.  Back in about the year 1000, the Norse Viking Leif Erikson was purported to have landed somewhere in the Newfoundland area, several centuries before Chris made his landing much further south.  Believe it or not, October 9 is “Leif Eriksson Day” but not many folks have even heard of this holiday and certainly no one got that day off of work to celebrate it, either.  Sorry Leif!

No Dinero, No Sail-o:  Christopher Columbus needed some serious funding to make his voyage happen, and it took him almost ten years to accomplish this.  Apparently many of those that he approached for money thought he was a little wacky in his calculations of how long it would take him to reach Asia via a western route.  As it turns out, these doubting killjoys were likely right as he didn’t exactly land where he had planned. 

How Very UN-Saintly:  Two of Columbus’s ships were not named the monikers that have gone down in history.  During the fifth century, ships were respectfully named after Saints.  The “Pinta” was a pet name given to one of the ships by some of the more colorful crewmembers that were aboard that ship.  “Pinta” is Spanish for “painted one, “ meaning prostitute.  The “Nina” was nicknamed after Juan Nino, who was the owner of this particular ship.

Watch Out for that…RRReef!  Columbus’s flagship capsized into a coral reef near the island of Haiti.  Crewmembers worked tirelessly to recover the salvageable cargo, and the crewmembers were set up and left in a place called La Navidad to reside until further notice.  When Columbus returned in 1493, not a one of the crewmembers left in this place had managed to survive and what happened to them remains a mystery.

1492, 1493, 1498, 1503:  As it turns out, Columbus sailed the ocean blue on three more voyages after his most famous one in 1492.  He landed in the Caribbean Islands, Central America and South America.

Looney but Effective:  Once Columbus became stuck on the island of Jamaica, because the local islanders were not exactly cooperating when it came to hooking him up with provisions for his journey.  Knowing that a Lunar Eclipse was soon coming, clever Columbus used this factoid to his advantage and played a little trick on the natives.  He told the local folks that if they didn’t help him out that that his own powerful god would cause the “moon to rise, inflamed with wrath”.  When the eclipse occurred, the terrified locals couldn’t get him stocked up and outta there fast enough.

300 Years of Greedy Successors:  The heirs of Columbus were  fighting with the crown of Spain for nearly 300 years, over money that they felt was rightfully theirs from the explorations of Christopher Columbus.  All the cases were ultimately settled by 1790.

Happy Columbus Day from your friends at Halloween Express! 

Why Halloween IS the Most Epic Holiday…EVER

  • October 09, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell
Why Halloween is the Most Epic Halloween Ever!

Yes, of course, we are biased.  They don’t call us Halloween Express for nothing, after all.  When it comes to holidays, however, we can also make a pretty legitimate case for why Halloween could arguably be the best holiday of the entire year.  Still not convinced?  Well, here are our top reasons why Halloween might have even more reasons to celebrate than you even realized!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!  Halloween doesn’t come with the same level of anxiety as many other popular holidays.  The Christmas season has proven itself to be emotionally difficult for many people and other seasonal celebrations such as Valentine’s Day can be particularly stressful for some folks.  Halloween is just about fun, being lighthearted and has no pressure associated with it for the most part.  When is the last time you heard of someone being depressed or particularly lonely because it was the Halloween season? No one gets particularly worked up because Halloween is coming and that is a good thing. 

Lighten Up!  Halloween is all about F-U-N.  When it comes to getting into a Halloween costume, you can cut loose a little bit and just do whatever you feel because creativity and uniqueness are a huge part of what Halloween is all about.  Dressing up in a costume is a great opportunity to “be whoever you want to be” even if it’s something completely ridiculous.  Ridiculousness on Halloween is totally encouraged.

No Relatives.  Many holidays are made more complicated because of the “relatives.” If you love being around your extended family, then great--but if all that extra entertaining makes you a little bit stressed out, that can be challenging.  Halloween doesn’t require families to feel the pressure to get together from hither and yon, which means no airports, no road trips, no goofy Aunt Mabel, no problems.

Halloween Decorations are Easy.  Halloween decorations can be as simple as a carved Jack-o-Lantern lit and placed on your stoop--there is no massive light show required, no ornaments on trees or any pressure to have your yard compete with the Joneses next door.  If you feel like going gung ho on the Halloween décor you certainly can, but even the most uncomplicated decorations are genuinely appreciated.

You can OPT OUT.  Is there another holiday that gives you an easy way out if you need it?  Let’s face it, sometimes you just might not be feeling it and if this is the case, turn the porch light off and turn on a movie.  Done.

Sexy Costumes.  For those that enjoy wearing them, and for those that enjoy looking them, Halloween certainly offers its own share of opportunities to embrace the sexier side of life.

Chocolate.  Um…hello???  What more do we need to say about chocolate? Halloween offers the perfect excuse to munch out on Snickers…Kit Kat’s…and my, oh my, let’s not forget about Reese’s!!

The more we think about it, the more we are convinced.  Halloween is simply the best holiday…ever!! We hope you are making lots of plans to enjoy yours! 

10 Superheroes We Love

  • October 06, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell

Are you thinking of doing Halloween like a superhero?  Well, we couldn’t agree with that line of thinking more!! No longer is Halloween exclusively about dressing up as the monstrous and macabre--in fact, this Halloween, you are just as likely to see a Caped Crusader as you are a Gothic Vampire. Here is our list of the top 10 classic superheroes that never fall out of Halloween style.  Which of these heroes is lurking inside of you?

10.  The Incredible Hulk-This bulgingly muscular guy has supposed infinite strength that only increases along with his level of rage. Interestingly enough, there is something about the Hulk’s complete lack of control over his emotional status that makes him truly vulnerable.  Plus, what could be better than sporting that truly epic color of green?

9.   Wolverine-Yeah, you can go ahead and try to hurt this guy, but his super speedy healing ability is going to have him back in ship-shape faster than you can say “Logan.” 

8. Black Widow-Born in the Soviet Union, the Black Widow, is not only supremely fit but also possesses a rather large laundry list of martial art skills.  She is also quite skilled at gymnastics, acrobatics and obviously… espionage. 

7. Thor-Well, what can we really say--Thor is the god of thunder, after all.  Give him that mighty hammer that he flings around, and he’s pretty much set as far as the whole superhero thing goes.

6.  Iron Man-With Iron Man, it's all about the suit, baby.  As Iron Man, Tony Stark can possess all sorts of superhuman powers and abilities.  Tony Stark himself has proven himself to be a true genius when it comes to what turns out to be some pretty epic engineering.  They don’t call him Iron Man for nothing!

5.  Captain America-Captain America is another hero that doesn’t naturally possess much in the name of innate super powers. Once this guy becomes enhanced with the super soldier serum, this shield-wielding hero can take on many of his more vicious and violent foes.

4. Wonder Woman-Wonder Woman is a true Amazonia princess that has committed herself to protecting the world from evil forces.  She uses her formidable combat skills in addition to an array of unique chick-style weaponry to accomplish her heroic tasks.  Her unique arsenal includes indestructible bracelets, a tiara that has boomerang capabilities and a groovy lasso that forces the truth out of even the most evil of villains.

3. Superman-Superman spends most of his time living as his alter ego, Clark Kent--but one quick duck into a phone booth and his transformation into Superman becomes complete.  Everyone knows that Superman is “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!”  And that’s just for starters.

2. Spiderman-Once an angst-ridden, lovestruck teenager, one bite by a radioactive spider changed Peter Parker forever into one of the most powerful superheroes the world has ever known. 

1. Batman-The trauma of watching his parents being killed has now fueled Bruce Wayne’s (aka Batman) vow to spend his life taking on the bad guys that lurk in the shadows of Gotham City. 
Batman may not have the innate supernatural powers of some of the other heroes on this list, but he has learned to use his wit and fitness to its full advantage.  Not only is Batman smart and athletic, but he's also very skilled with the use of his personally designed weapon-- Batarangs.  Add to that list being the owner of a truly sick Batmobile and the perfect Batcave in which to hang his cape, and well, let’s face it.  Batman is badass.

What Costume Should You Wear?

  • October 04, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell
Not sure what costume you should wear this Halloween? No problem! Take our COSTUME QUIZ to see which costume you should be wearing this Halloween!

Take Our Costume Quiz

Let’s Get Crafty! Spooky Eyes To Light Up Your Landscape

  • October 01, 2014
  • Jenna Maxwell

I love crafts and Halloween season seems like the perfect time for us all to get a little bit creative.   It’s so much fun decorating your home for the fall months.  The bright colors and festive themes just really get you in the mood for all the exciting things that come along with the fall.  The spooky, scary fun of Halloween adds a whole other dimension to home décor that you will not want to miss.  This craft idea is extra creepy cool because not only is it super easy and inexpensive to do but the results are super eerie, adding a really mysterious effect to your yard that is perfect for Halloween night! 

What you will need: 

  • Toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes.  (If you use paper towel tubes, cut them in half.)
  • Scissors
  • An index card or other stiff paper to make patterns.
  • 4” Glow sticks
  • Masking or Duct tape

Sketch eye patterns on an index card or other piece of stiff paper.
You don’t have to use a pattern, but this is the easiest way to make sure both of the eyes are the same size.  As an alternative to using a pattern, if you want to free hand your design directly onto to the paper roll, that’s completely fine.  Once you have your eyes drawn onto the toilet paper tube, then it’s time to carefully cut them out.  The tube itself will not show once your craft is complete and on display so don’t worry about it if you make a mistake or if the cutting is not completely perfect. 

Let's Get Crafty!

Get creative with eye shapes and try cutting several different sizes, shapes and designs. 

Let's Get Crafty! Let's Get Crafty!

Follow the package instructions for activating your glow sticks.  Most of the time, it’s just a simple matter of bending the stick itself gently until the stick makes a popping or cracking sound, which will then activate the liquid inside and make it instantly begin to glow.  Sometimes it takes a few minutes to obtain the full level of brightness. 

Pop an activated glow stick inside each toilet paper roll you have ready and cut. I used a variety of colored glow sticks but next time I might try using all yellow glow sticks instead--I think that would look very scary, too!  After the glue sticks are inside the tubes, tape off the ends with masking tape just to ensure that the glow stick stayed in place. 

Hide the glowing toilet paper rolls in your bushes or trees in a way so that in the dark the spooky eyeballs show through the foliage.  Doesn’t this look amazing?   Start saving those toilet paper rolls now so by Halloween night you will be able to fill your entire yard with creepy, glowing eyes!