Halloween Casting Call

  • August 26, 2015
  • Jenna Maxwell

Attention Halloween Fans!

Halloween Casting for The Meredith Vieira Show Yesterday we were contacted by a producer from NBC's "The Meredith Vieira Show". They are looking for couples with outrageous Halloween costumes. They're going to be taping a special Halloween episode mid-September. Details of the segment concept along with information on how you can submit your name for consideration to the show's producers are below. If you're interested in being considered for this segment, you'll have to act quickly though as time is short.

Halloween Casting Call for NBC's "The Meredith Vieira Show"

Have you ever dressed up for Halloween in a crazy costume but just didn’t get it quite right? Are your kids embarrassed by your Halloween antics and want you to dial it down? “The Meredith Vieira Show” at NBC is looking for couples with outrageous Halloween costumes! From over-the-top designs to wacky and crazy get-ups, we want to see just how seriously you take dressing up for Halloween. If you and your significant other go overboard every year, send us a photo of your craziest costume and you could be featured on our show!

Segment Concept
We want kids to nominate their parents for a “Mom and Dad Halloween Makeover” segment. We’ll show off your crazy costumes and then have our style experts turn your costume around in this fun, lighthearted makeover that celebrates the spirit of Halloween. 

Costume Criteria
We’re looking for everything over-the-top: DIY disasters, crazy hair/makeup, super scary, hilarious couples’ themes, and so much more.

How To Enter
If you’d like to be cast for this, please email associate.producers@nbcuni.com with your name, contact info, a photo of your costume and why you’d want to be on the show! 

Halloween Casting Call

Best Flick Picks of Summer 2015

  • August 25, 2015
  • Jenna Maxwell
Best Flick Picks of Summer 2015

Summertime is movie time.  As you go back to school, you know your friends are going to ask….”Did you see _____ yet?  There’s still time to see some of those major blockbuster movie favorites that are sure to be the topic of everyone's conversation.  These cinematic gems are not only good for epic entertainment, but you can bet that come Halloween season they are going to be a great source for some brilliant costume inspiration!  Here is our list of the summer of 2015 movie favorites!

Mad Max Fury Road:  The latest installment of the Mad Max franchise is set 30 years after “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”.  Tom Hardy now plays Max, a character formerly made notorious by Mel Gibson.  In Fury Road, Max must lead Furiosa across a post-apocalyptic desert.  This film is a riveting, large screen spectacle that will not disappoint!

Fantastic Four:  Reed Richards is a brilliant scientist who conducts an experimental space voyage.  Unfortunately, during the mission the four astronauts get hit with a hefty dose of cosmic rays that cause bizarre physiological changes within each of them.  Now each member of the group has unique abilities and special powers.  For these astronauts learning to come to grips with their new identities and skills while putting them to use proves to be the ultimate challenge. 

Tomorrowland:  A young teen obsessed with science pairs with a genius inventor as they embark on an action filled adventure that takes them into a technology-driven place known as “Tomorrowland”. 

Poltergeist:  Scared of things that go “bump” in the night?  This reboot of the 1982 classic horror film is sure to make your skin crawl!  At first the “ghosts” seem friendly enough…but when the youngest daughter disappears, you know the spirits haunting this house have something very sinister in mind. 

Terminator Genisys:  John Connor, the leader of the human resistance against Skynet, sends a protector back in time to 1982 to offer assistance to Sarah Connor.  Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his legendary role as the T-800 while he acts as guardian to Sarah, even encountering other past versions of himself. 

Ant-Man:  Scott Lang has made a huge mess out of his life.  When Dr. Hank Pym approaches him with his unique plan, an opportunity for a fresh start seems to be headed toward Scott. Fresh out of jail, Scott can now use his burgling skills for a much nobler cause. 

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation:  Ethan Hawke must take on the Syndicate, a terrorist style band of operatives who wish to gain control and change the face of world and its source of power. 

Jurassic World:  It starts out innocently enough, as a dinosaur theme park set in an idyllic resort. To draw bigger crowds to the park, scientists develop a genetically engineered super dinosaur.  Indominus Rex is an extremely vicious and very, very dangerous dinosaur, far more lethal than anything that has previously existed.  When the creature manages to escape, a horrific kind of chaos ensues. Animal expert Owen Grady must then use his military experience in combination with his wits to regain control over the park and save the tourists from an imminent and deadly attack.

Inside Out:  Who knew what was going on inside of our heads?  Inside Out uses clever characterizations to depict actual human emotions as they themselves tell the story of a young girl named Riley. Riley struggles with conflicting emotions as she deals with the many challenges that face her after her family relocates to a new city. 

The Avengers: Age of Ultron:  Our favorite gang of Marvel superheroes has come together again.  This time around, the powerful roundup of superheroes must deal with a new conflict that entangles the squad head-on with a techy terror named Ultron.  The Avengers have a couple of newbies that are introduced in this film, the Scarlett Witch, and Quiksilver.  Expect nonstop action as The Avengers attempt to stop the evil Ultron, who is bent on complete human extinction. 

Best Flick Picks of Summer 2015

Why Your Favorite Villains Should Have Stayed in School

  • August 18, 2015
  • Jenna Maxwell
Why Your Favorite Villains Should Have Stayed in School

It's that time of the year.  Kids everywhere are going back to school — Oh! The horror!  Before anyone gets too upset about having to expand their minds and grow a few brain cells, consider what might happen without a little education.  Here's our list of favorite villains who probably should have stayed in school! 

Marv and Harry:  Who can forget the two bumbling burglars made famous in the Christmas film classic, "Home Alone”?  Marv and Harry are true morons and are made to look even more idiotic by a clever little kid, Kevin McCallister.  Kevin sets up a plethora of booby traps to ensnare the would-be bandits.  Marv and Harry are blowtorched, hit with bricks, tarred and feathered, scared to death by a tarantula and even set on fire.  Once nailed by the police for their attempted burglary, their ultimate stupidity seals their fate.  Their self-made calling card as the "Wet Bandits,” (started when they maliciously flooded the homes of their victims) will go on to implicate them in a whole slew of other robberies.  These two fools will go to prison at least until the release of Home Alone II. 

Jabba the Hutt:  Jabba the Hutt, the giant alien slug, and crime lord made famous in Star Wars "Return of the Jedi” could have benefitted from a little more formal education.  While Jabba enjoys living large and partying it up, did it not ever occur to him that freezing your enemy (Hans Solo) and putting him to sleep is not exactly getting revenge?  It seems like if you wanted to show someone the business you might consider some other form of punishment or torture.  A nice long nap doesn't qualify. 

Lex Luthor:  He bought worthless property in Nevada and Arizona and then devised an evil plan to blow the California coast to smithereens to make his new acquisitions the new beachfront property.  He also tried to grow an entire continent that was made out of Kryptonian crystal.  Somehow both of these plans made some sick sense to old Lex.  In the end to make any of this happen, Lex would have to take on the Man of Steel, ultimately making Lex look very foolish.

The Evil Queen:  Both jealousy and vanity became the undoing of this beguiling villainess.  Grimhilde (yes, she has a name) hates Snow White's guts and wants her out of the picture.  And yet, when given the chance to come up with a solid plan, the Evil Queen gives Snow White a poison apple that doesn't kill Snow White.  The toxic Apple puts Snow into a deep sleep that can only be reversed with "loves first kiss.”  It's Disney magic at it's finest, but when it comes to well thought-out evil plan, Grimhilde fails mightily. 

Scar:  Scar is on a roll.  Not only has he managed to get rid of King Mufasa and take over the lion kingdom--but now he also has the plan to get rid of his nephew, Simba.  Scar should have known that you don't send some imbecilic and bumbling hyenas to do a mighty Lion's job, however.  His plan to off his nephew is foiled because of this very foolish decision.

Cruella De Vil:  Cruella De Vil is decidedly evil and is also quite accurately nicknamed the "Devil Woman”.  That said, any evil designs she may have are only as good as the cronies she has hired to fulfill her dastardly plans.  Horace and Jasper are completely incompetent buffoons, and thus these idiots quickly become Cruella's undoing.

Lord Voldemort:  Lord Voldemort is Harry Potter's nemesis and archenemy.  Although the Lord has been relentless in his pursuit of evil, he has many opportunities to take out Harry and yet doesn't.  In the end, perhaps Lord Voldemort gets what's coming to him.

Gaston:  All the girls love Gaston.  He's built and buff--and covered in hair.  The problem is, however, he has no clue what to do when a girl isn't interested in all that he thinks he has to offer.  When Belle curtly rebuffs Gaston's romantic advances, he stupidly tries to blackmail her into marrying him.  When the attempted coercion fails, Gaston then tries to stab Belle's boyfriend.  Yeah, silly Gaston--that should work.

The Wicked Witch of the West:  This nasty green hag has set the bar very high when it comes to evil deeds.  She also has a particular hatred for girls from Kansas--and their little dogs, too.  The Wicked Witch of the West seems pretty darn relentless--between lighting the scarecrow on fire and turning over that pretty ominous looking hourglass--well, that's scary stuff!  If you knew, however, that just a little bit of water could melt you away into oblivion would you keep a bucket of the stuff just lying around in your vicinity?  Yep, come on wicked witch, that's just plain dumb. 

Captain Hook:  What do you make of a pirate captain with a bad case of revenge-itis who is also deathly afraid of crocodiles? If you top all this nonsense off by adding a lovable, but less than bright sidekick named Mr. Smee, then you've got what we think is the perfect recipe for comedic disaster.  Stupidity runs amok! 

Head back to class with a purpose and a smile.  Happy "Back to School” from your friends at Halloween Express!

Why Your Favorite Villains Should Have Stayed in School

Cool Ghouls at School

  • August 12, 2015
  • Jenna Maxwell
Cool Ghouls at School.

Think about it.  If you are a vampire, a witch or even a werewolf, you obviously possess a bonafide bevy of amazing powers that the average person simply does not have. You can cast spells on people.  You may use the full moon to morph completely into a ravenous howling being.  You may even be immortal.  With all this crazy supernatural ability, what do many of these monsters want to do at this time of the year?  They want to go to high school, of course.  Yes, apparently they want to go back to school, just like everyone else.

Have monsters been attending your local high school?  This phenomenon is not a new concept at all--in fact, the whole idea of teenagers being closely linked to strangeness has been going on for decades and not for the reasons you might think.  The truth is, what is a bored vampire, werewolf or even a witch supposed to do?  You’d think that after hundreds of years of developing a hefty resume filled with gnarly monster experiences, hanging out on at a local high school campus would not be a top priority.  Not so fast, my friends because it seems that many of these ghoulish characters have a thirst for a lot more than blood.  It seems that they may also have a genuine thirst for…knowledge?

So many monsters are showing up in local high schools that this problem really can no longer be ignored.  In fact, just recently the Disney Channel released its latest feature film, which features not only some of Disney’s more notorious villains but also tells the tale of their legendary offspring.  And where are these Disney Descendants (children of Cruella, The Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Jafar) headed?  High School.  You never know, they (or someone like them) may have been attending a high school near you!

So how can you tell if that person next to you in Math Class might have a bit more of a back story than initially meets the eye?  Here are some clues that you might help you decide if you are sitting in class with a vampire, witch or a werewolf: 

•    School lunch doesn’t seem to do much for them. 

•    Homework gets done in a “snap.” In general, school seems to be very easy for them.

•    Unusual pallor or paleness along with a complete aversion to sunlight. 

•    Extremely dark or smoky eye makeup.

•    Mysterious or unexplained absences during the full moon or other random times.

•    Unusual or sudden hair growth.

•    Overly inflated excitement about history class--it may almost seem as if they were there.

•    Unusual wardrobe choices.  Ruffles, dress shirts, pea coats, capes, etc.

•    Obsession with dental care and hygiene. Teeth may appear a little “sharp”.

•    Frequent and unexplained busyness during nighttime hours.

•    Extreme socially awkward behavior.

•    An unusual obsession with blood or meat. 

•    Garlic aversion or allergy.

•    A strange accent that doesn’t match their hometown.

•    Dressed in all black, all the time with a preference for large amulet-style necklaces.

•    Being a bit of a loner, and not seeming to mind.

•    The upcoming full moon creates a lot of anxiety.

•    Unexplained and strange things start to happen.

•    The bus drops them off near that creepy and supposedly abandoned house.

Happy Back to School from your friends at Halloween Express! 

Cool Ghouls at School

Monstrously Cool for Back to School: Don’t Be Caught Dead Without This Stuff

  • August 03, 2015
  • Jenna Maxwell
Back to School.  Oh!  The Horror.

Kids will tell you.  Back to school is the most monstrous time of the year. The lazy days of summer will soon be replaced by the dreaded routine that is found during the school year.  Soon kids everywhere will be assembling the back to school essentials.  Kids always need paper, pencils and notebooks.  There are a few things, however, that sometimes get forgotten. 

Hand held pencil sharpener.  Yeah we know the teacher has one up by her desk--but do you really want to go up and have your pencil chewed down to a stub by that wood-eating piranha again? 

Post-It Notes:  Handy for so many things, Post-Its can be used for reminders, bookmarks, or even to write down a new friend’s phone number.  It always pays to have a few of these on hand, even if you just use them to write yourself a note, such as, “Don’t forget your homework!”

Book Covers:  If everyone in your class has the same textbook, how can you really be sure which one is yours?  Covering yours with a groovy cover will eliminate the mystery and make sure you get home with the right book.

Paper Clips:  You know that giant stack of papers the teacher just gave you?  A paper clip or two to keep them organized is very handy--you know you need these just to keep things together.

White Out:  Because nobody is perfect.

Multi-Colored Pen:  Not only are these sooooo cool, but having the ability to switch from black or blue ink to red or green with a single click of the finger is pretty darn epic.  The kids who have these pens are always enviable.

Small Stapler:  Once again, having your own equipment in your school supply box might save you from another embarrassing trip up to the teacher’s desk to borrow hers. 

Umbrella:  It’s probably the LAST thing on your mind right now--but before you know it, you are going to wake up on a Thursday and be late for the bus--only to find out that it’s pouring rain. Ever try to shop for an umbrella during rainy weather?  Buy one now.

Calculator Watch:  The ultimate nerd gadget, this calculator is handy because when you need one, a calculator is always right there on your wrist. 

Hair Brush or Comb:  Just in case this year’s math class isn’t completely void of all cute members of the opposite sex.  Be sure to use it BEFORE you go to class, as many teachers don’t appreciate in-class grooming.  If you have long hair, having a ponytail holder or an elastic band on hand is also a good idea, as you never know when a bad hair day is going to strike. 

Lip Balm:  There’s nothing worse than dry/chapped lips, especially after lunch.  Keeping a lip balm with your school supplies will keep you nice and smooth!

Time Management Book or Planner: We know how busy you are--this will help you to prove it.

Small Pack of Tissues:  Keep a pack with your school supplies just in case you get an unexpected attack of the sniffles.

Granola or Snack Bar:  Because no matter how much food your mom put in your lunch, sometimes it’s still not enough. 

Happy Back to School from your friends at Halloween Express! 

Monstrously Cool for Back to School:  Don’t Be Caught Dead Without This Stuff