Congratulations to our 2016 DIY Halloween Costume Contest Winners! We want to thank everyone for their participation. The ingenuity displayed within this contest continues to amaze us every year! We awarded a First, Second, and two Third place winners in each category. The winning contestants within each category can be found below. 

Adult Couple Category:
First Place - Kim Oliva
Second Place - Brooke Griffiths
Third Place - Kelly Breton
Third Place (a) - Megan Caruso

Adult Single Category:
First Place - Stephen Simantiras
Second Place - Daniel Hamlin
Third Place - Valerie Anderson
Third Place (a) - Alissa Murph

Baby/Toddler Category:
First Place - Sabrina Gardner
Second Place - Lisa Craig
Third Place - Richard Durrant
Third Place (a) - Mary Gerstner

Child/Tween/Teen Category:
First Place - Tracey Garcia
Second Place - Kelly Hilding
Third Place - Barb Cavelius
Third Place (a) - Ryane Jacks

Group Category:
First Place - Jacey Broussard
Second Place - Katy Miles
Third Place - Megan Potter
Third Place (a) - Tara Barber

Pet Category:
First Place - Jennifer Arnold
Second Place -Carissa Flint
Third Place - Deidra Mohr
Third Place (a) - Hana Kim