2017 DIY Costume Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 DIY Halloween Costume Contest Winners! We want to thank everyone for their participation. The ingenuity displayed within this contest continues to amaze us every year! We awarded a First, Second, and two Third place winners in each category. The winning contestants within each category can be found below. 

Adult Couple Category:
First Place - Kristen Suddarth
Second Place - Nicholas Behling
Third Place - Lindsey Dietrich
Third Place (a) - Tiffany DeRewal

Adult Single Category:
First Place - Aaron Loftin
Second Place - Gabriel Ruiz
Third Place - Tahir Haseebullah
Third Place (a) - Nathan Moran

Baby/Toddler Category:
First Place - Natasha Wilde
Second Place - Janelle Dewey
Third Place - Ashley Aurand
Third Place (a) - Claire Malla

Child/Tween/Teen Category:
First Place - Peggy Christensen
Second Place - Melanie Pipkins
Third Place - Brian Downs
Third Place (a) - Mona Rosman

Group Category:
First Place - Maggy Day
Second Place - Shannyn Palmer
Third Place - Celeste Gonzalez
Third Place (a) - Crystal Flinders

Pet Category:
First Place - Alita Olson
Second Place - Joan Lubin
Third Place - Jessica Arnold
Third Place (a) - Bonnie Abelew