January Movie Blues

  • January 24, 2017
  • Jenna Maxwell

No, it's not just your imagination. January is notoriously a little bit slow when it comes to new movies. Rarely, if ever, does Hollywood put out a movie during the month of January that completely explodes in wild popularity at the box office. In fact, the movies introduced in January are done so strategically--these are often the films that sometimes the studios have a few concerns about, or they may even consider being a little embarrassing. In addition to little support and a general lack of enthusiasm from the studios, January movie releases come out right during award season, which doesn't help matters. So, if it feels like after you've seen all those new holiday blockbusters that your local theater has pretty much dried up--well, you might not be imagining things. Maybe we just got a little spoiled over the holidays, particularly this year with so many big hitter movies coming our way.So, now it's gloomy January-- what's a movie lover to do? Some films coming out this month that have potential entertainment value and potentially could even be a hidden movie gem. Here's a sampling of what will be showing up at your local cinema during the month of January.

Monster Trucks. If you were to ask a four-year-old what kind of movie he would make given a chance, he might come up with a plot similar to that found in the film "Monster Trucks." In fact, that is precisely where the concept of this live-action, CGI hybrid film came from--as the then President of Paramount Pictures, Adam Goodman, reportedly came up with the idea for "Monster Trucks" with help from his preschool age son. A small fortune to the tune of 125 million dollars was spent making "Monster Trucks." The release date for the film changed many times before the movie finally made its theatrical debut on Friday, January the 13th. The Friday the 13th release date may not have been the only bad omen this film had to manage. When all is said and done, however, it's entirely possible that your kids will like "Monster Trucks" even if you don't. The premise of the movie centers around what would happen if cars were not powered by motors--but rather, they were mechanized by rather gnarly, disgusting monsters instead.(Hey, it could happen and in this movie it does.)

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, duly titled brings audiences the epilog to what has been a long, six film series of video-game-inspired movies featuring some outstanding Sci-Fi thrills. Milla Jovovich will be back to reenact the role of Alice as the film tries to tie together all the loose ends and bring the Resident Evil story home. Although the entire Resident Evil franchise has never been close to critically acclaimed, fans nonetheless love the films. The Resident Evil suite of movies represents the most financially profitable video game-inspired movie franchise to date. If you are looking for some solid winter entertainment, particularly if you are a follower of the series, this movie has great potential and is a must see. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hopes to wrap the entire Resident Evil lineup with a bang!

If the new January movie releases just aren't getting you excited, fortunately, there is still time to see some great movies that have been released over the holidays and are still playing at your local theater. Some of our do-not-miss favorites include:

Don't let the winter blues get you down! January is a great time to go to the movies. January movie crowds are much lighter than they were just weeks ago, and you never know when that unexpected January film release might unexpectedly turn into a cult classic. What are you waiting for?