Life Lessons from Beauty and the Beast's Belle

  • March 20, 2017
  • Jenna Maxwell

The 1991 Disney animated classic, "Beauty and the Beast" has been reinvented and was just released as a new live action fantasy musical on Friday March 17. This latest adaptation of the classic Beauty and the Beast story features and all-star cast as well as an expanded storyline that features an empowered version of one of our favorite Disney princesses, Belle. Of course we're fans of the Beauty and the Beast costume characters. There are many facets of our beloved heroine that we not only love but can also learn from, in fact, we think Belle teaches us a lot about life.

Don't Be Afraid to be Different. In Belle's provincial, old-fashioned village she receives a lot of harsh judgment from her fellow townspeople. Belle is imaginative, inventive, and an avid reader with a huge imagination. Unfortunately in her world, some of these qualities aren't necessarily the norm and some of the stodgier, more traditional types look down their nose at feisty Belle who seems light years ahead of her time. The beauty of Belle is that in spite of the local naysayers, she embraces her differences and recognizes them as her strengths. Belle knows full well that there is nothing wrong with being smart!

See Beyond our Differences. Belle is used to being different than the other girls in her town, so perhaps this is why she has a natural ability to withhold judgment on the Beast when she first encounters him. Belle teaches us to look past a person's exterior and avoid initial, premature judgments. Belle's ability to see beyond the Beast's monstrous and frightening exterior allows her to see who he really is inside. Her intelligence and love of books gives Belle something in which to find a special connection with the heart of the Beast, thus demonstrating the importance of looking for the best in people.

Live Outside the Box. Because of her love for books and learning Belle recognizes that there is a great big world out there and wants to see it all. Belle is also a very open minded person which eventually allows her to form a deep friendship with her captor, the Beast. Belle speaks often about seeking adventure and seeing the world. "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell." When she first meets the Beast she probably thinks this is a little more endangerment than she really had banked on--but Belle is nonetheless ready to take on the experience.

Hold Onto Your Values. The true beauty of Belle is how well she knows herself. In spite of harsh judgment and peer pressures, she stays true to herself and follows her heart. Look what happens when she encounters the buffoon, Gaston. She immediately shuts him down because she recognizes his sexist boorishness and lack of intelligence. The Beast, however, has a depth and sensitivity that Belle can appreciate. When Gaston becomes enraged and comes after the Beast, calling him a monster, Belle exclaims one of her more profound lines." He's no monster Gaston, you are!"

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade. When Belle became a captive of the Beast, at first glance the situation seems dire. Belle quickly makes the best of the situation by trying to reach out to the monster and form a connection with him. What on first glance looked like the worst possible circumstance, eventually turns into an amazing opportunity. The Power of Love. Gaston and other villagers hated the Beast and even wanted to kill him. Belle staunchly defends her new friend and ultimately, it is the love Belle has for the Beast that saves him.

Believe in Miracles. Hope is what keeps both the Beast as well as Belle going, even when the situation seem completely hopeless. In the end, the Beast get the miracle he has long awaited, and so does Belle because the lovely friendship she has formed with the Beast is now miraculously transformed in the most stunning way by the power of true love.

Here's a link to view the Beauty and the Beast US Official Trailer