What We Love About Spring

  • April 07, 2017
  • Jenna Maxwell

Spring is finally here! After a long, harsh winter that wreaked havoc across the nation, the country is finally ready to start warming up. Signs of spring are everywhere, and along with the warm weather, spring brings with it plenty of its own virtues. Here's what we love about spring!

Weather. This winter has been a doozy. After enduring a long, bitterly cold amd wet, snowy season we are all ready for a warm up--the sooner, the better! Certainly, the advent of springtime weather is welcome. Warmer weather not only provides a psychological boost but also is decidedly energizing.

Longer Days. The loss of an hour as we turn our clocks forward in the spring almost goes unnoticed because most people are so excited about the onset of longer days that the price paid for losing one hour is a well worth the sacrifice.

Spring Break. After a long winter, spring break provides welcome relief to students and many families. With school out of session, this is the perfect time for many families to find ways to reconnect as they temporarily abandon their usual routines and embrace a more relaxed schedule.

Baby Animals Everywhere! Depending on where you live, your local wildlife increases its population massively during the springtime months. Baby calves, lambs, chicks, and bunnies are born. Birds are nesting and laying eggs. Other animals that have been hibernating all winter are now awake and alive with activity.

Easter. Easter is the most popular and widely celebrated holiday of the spring. Although Easter is a religious holiday, many folks enjoy celebrating it on a secular basis because of the many fun traditions that surround the holiday. Some of the most popular Easter activities include Easter egg hunts, dyeing hard-boiled Easter Eggs and receiving gifts of jellybeans and chocolate from the Easter Bunny.

The World is Ablaze with Color. In the spring, the local landscapes change from brown, gray and white to various shades of green. As the flowers bloom, vibrant hues pop up everywhere! When the sun finally comes out the sky appears to be a brilliant cerulean blue. If it feels like the whole world has changed from black and white to Technicolor--because, in a way, it has!

Movies. Moviemakers are no dummies. Spring break is the perfect time to see a great new movie, and there will be many exciting new blockbuster films in theaters this spring that you will not want to miss. Our Spring Break movie picks include:

Beauty and the Beast
Power Rangers
The Fate of the Furious
The Boss Baby
Kong Skull Island

We've waited for it and endured a lot of winter in the process. Let the countdown to warmer weather begin as you get excited about the spring!