A Costumed Christmas

  • December 23, 2017
  • Jenna Maxwell

When you think about the Christmas season, what comes to mind? It's probably not costumes--this is Christmas after all, not Halloween!  The truth of the matter is, the holidays are a natural time for costumes and for dressing up as some of the many Christmas themed characters.  The holiday season has its own exceptional cast of characters--these personas are a far cry from the monsters and ghouls of Halloween, but let's face it, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without these well-known holiday superstars!

Elves and Santa's Helper's: Where would Santa be without his cheerful and hardworking posse? Everyone knows that Santa has a whole crew of elves and helpers that assist him in doing his vital work for Christmas.  There are numerous opportunities to dress up as one of the essential members of Santa's squad.  Whether you choose to dress up as a traditional elf or a sexier Santa's helper, a costume like this is sure to land you right on Santa's "nice" list!

Ebenezer Scrooge: One of the most legendary Christmas characters of all time, the story of Ebenezer Scrooge continues to be reinvented annually in many forms on both stage and screen.  Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol," is one of the most beloved Christmas tales of all time.   This poignant and timeless story touches the hearts of all who see it as it speaks to the true meaning of Christmas.

Nativity and Religious Costumes: Although Christmas has a somewhat behemoth secular side to it; the roots of the holiday itself are without a doubt religious.  Re-enacting the traditional Nativity scene, with its entire cast of beloved characters, is still very popular at Christmas time.  Historically, however, the historical costumes needed to pull this off have been a little bit hard to find.  Our beautiful collection of religious costumes is sure to change all that!  With these stunning costume looks, bringing beauty and authenticity to your live Christmas story just got that much easier!

Angels: Angels and Christmas go hand in hand.  From Christmas pageants to Christmas choirs and plays, the character of the angel is considered a holiday mainstay.  Historically, angels are considered to be holy messengers.  You are sure to captivate your audience with your very own unique holiday message in one of our extraordinary angel costumes. 

Snowmen: Modern Christmas celebrations always are associated with snow and ice.  Frosty the Snowman probably brought it all home with his whimsical story when his ties to the Christmas holiday all became part of Christmas legend.  These days, you can find opportunities for all manner of costumed snow people during the Christmas season.

Reindeer: Everyone knows that flying reindeer pulling a sleigh is Santa Claus's preferred method of Christmas transportation.  Dressing up in a reindeer costume is a great way to get you one step closer to the great big guy in the bright red suit!

The Grinch: Next to Ebenezer Scrooge, there is no character more notorious, not to mention anti-Christmas, than the Grinch.  Made infamous in Dr. Seuss's book, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" the Grinch remains one of the most hilariously memorable Christmas characters of all time. Whether you are feeling the Christmas spirit or not, wearing a Grinch costume is a fantastic way to bring happiness and fun to any holiday occasion.

Mrs. Claus: They say that behind every successful man is a strong woman.  Even Santa Claus himself has his behind-the-scenes gal, well known to us today as the kind, gentle, cookie-baking Mrs. Claus.  With the ever-growing popularity of Santa Claus, you can be assured that wherever you see Santa, a Mrs. Claus is not far behind!

Santa Claus: At Christmas time, there simply is no more popular character to dress up as than Santa Claus himself.  Let's face it; the real Santa Claus is busily making toys at the North Pole, getting ready for his epic Christmas Eve journey.  Thus, Santa Claus needs lots of costumed helpers to dress up as him all around the nation.  Brave souls in Santa Costumes will be entertaining children everywhere, taking requests for toys and listening to the Christmas wishes of the masses.

Whatever your holiday costume needs may be, here at Halloween Express we take all the many different Christmas costume characters very seriously.  We have assembled a massive collection of Christmas costumes that you're sure to love! A costumed Christmas is sure to be one filled with extra holiday magic!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all your friends at Halloween Express!