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7 Ways To Make This Halloween The Best EVER

Jenna Maxwell Sep 14th 2017

It's never too soon to start planning for Halloweenbut once the calendar rolls over to September, we consider that the final countdown to what could arguably be the best holiday of the entire year. A few well-laid plans now will ensure that your Halloween adventures are all good ones, creating memories along the way that are sure to last a lifetime.

Decor. Let's face it, Halloween decor has come a long way over the past few years. It used to be that Halloween decorations consisted of a couple of freshly carved Jack-o-Lanterns and a few strategically placed spider webs. Nowadays, decorating for Halloween is a much bigger deal. This fall, many suburban homes will be transformed into faux graveyards, while an assortment of simulated goblins, ghouls, and monsters in every level of creep factor will temporarily move into local neighborhoods, likely even yours. Like any other holiday, neighbors sometimes have an unspoken competition of who can out-do who when it comes to holiday decorso, it's no wonder that decorating for Halloween has become more and more elaborate (not to mention spooky) each year. Luckily for would be Halloween decorators, the availability of fantastic Halloween-themed trimmings is rather enormous. From animated props and fog machines to eerie lights and air blown inflatablesdecorating your home for Halloween has never been easier or more fun. Make a plan now to decide which unique and ghostly items you will need to revamp your home into the creepy crib you've always imagined.

Scary Movies. Horror fans, it's time to rejoice because, during the fall months before Halloween, there is often a surge of ghastly horror movies ripe to hit theatersspine tingling films that are certain to chill you right to the bones. This fall there are some horror doozies coming out that are sure to thrill those that are brave enough to venture to the movies. With films like 'It,' 'Flatliners,' 'Saw: Legacy,' and 'Leatherface,' if you are a fan of fright, this could be your year.

Creepy Venues. Every year, more and more frightening forms of Halloween entertainment come to town, much to the delight of thrill seekers. Whether it is a haunted house, a spook alley, a creepy forest or a haunted hayridea trek through one of these scary venues is an adrenaline rush that you won't want to miss.

Halloween Playlists. There simply is no better way to get into a spooky mood than by using spooky tunes to set the mood. Internet radio apps such as Pandora and Spotify have special Halloween channels with Halloween-themed music lists, all ready for you to dial in. There is also a wide range of commercially available spooky music that is the perfect accompaniment for your Halloween party, the fall season or just to get a creepy vibe for trick-or-treaters.

Plan the Perfect Halloween Party. Start now to plan the most fantastic Halloween party ever! Let your potential guests know when you are planning to have your Halloween party so they can clear their calendar, reserve the date and get their Halloween costume ready (of course). Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, so if you want to have your party on the weekend, you will likely have to have it on the 27 or the 28th of October.

Candy and other Halloween Goodies. Some of the best parts of the fall are all the fun Halloween or autumn-themed goodies, party foods, and appetizers. And then there is pumpkin, lots and lots of pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING! From lattes and cookies to ice cream and tea, look for all sorts of fall-flavored versions of a huge variety of foods. What is your favorite? Stock up if there is a particular item that you love because most of the pumpkin or fall flavored specialty foods are obviously of limited release. Start now collecting recipes for fun and unique fall and Halloween themed foods you want to try.

Halloween Costumes. It happens at this exact time every yearHalloween Express is rapidly collecting a vast new selection of brand new for 2017 Halloween costumes. We've worked extra hard this year so that when it comes to shopping for that perfect Halloween costume, your job is made a lot easier. We've also added a whole new collection of how-to-videos, giving you all sorts of ideas, secrets and pro tips that are sure to set your Halloween costume apart from all the rest.