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Name: Jenna Maxwell


If human beings had genuine courage they'd wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween!

Since I was a kid, I have always loved fashion. Everyday life was just another opportunity for dressing up and yes, perhaps some of my looks were a bit like costumes. That was my means of self-expression back in those days and in many ways, it still is. It is only natural then, that I absolutely adore Halloween. Combine my love of costumes with my alter ego as a closet history nerd and you have this crazy juxtaposition that can mean only one and Halloween go together like hand and glove! I am completely fascinated by the traditions, lore, history and customs surrounding this day we call Halloween and to be honest, I can't get enough costumes, either. The only irony of this whole scenario is that I am a pretty big 'fraidy cat and am not so thrilled with things that go "bump" in the night. Perhaps writing about the spookier side of life helps me to face my fears--just a little bit. So my friends, that is where it all began.

I love fashion and I always have! Getting dressed every day is an artistic adventure of expression for me. I grew up in a super small town in Nowheresville, USA, thus when I was a kid and got ready for school every day it may have seemed as if I was almost in a full-on costume! (Hey-it was fashion to me!) I am pretty sure I have retained a lot of that vibe today in my adulthood, but here in the OC I tend to blend in a lot more easily. :)

I love movies, television, the beach, country music and classic rock 'n roll. I am an eclectic mixture of cowgirl, fashionista, party girl, rocker chick and I also have to admit that I am a closet nerd as well as a pretty bonafide book worm.

Bragging rights
Social butterfly, mother of 3, married to a talented but struggling jazz musician who is hugely gifted, but still can't quit his day job.

My first love is writing, but I have also spent a crazy amount of time working as a theatrical make up artist, plus chasing around 3 kids and 2 dogs is obviously a full-time job in itself.