Mad Scientist

Ever since Dr. Frankenstein animated his epic lumbering monster, creepy science and Halloween have been forever melded together, in an almost electrostatic, ionic bonding sort of way. Weird science effects can add more fun, more ewwww, more utter grossness to your Halloween party, front porch display or to any haunted house or spook alley--all in the name of semi-sickening Halloween-style fun, done science laboratory style of course. Here are some of our fresh from the lab ideas to help get you started.

Basic Lab Décor: Let the madness begin by setting the ultimate mood for your crazy laboratory or moldy morgue. Start by filling up your morbidly experimental space with signs that say things like Biohazard, Cryogenics Chamber, Toxic and Poison. Cover your furniture with white sheets or tablecloths to create a more sterile, industrial look. Fog machines and/or dry ice will also give your lab the effect of an experiment in progress. Don't forget to have lots of decorative lab rats around to liven things up a bit.

Lab Experiments on Display: Creating a mad science Halloween display with some mildly disturbing, hair raising effects is easy and will be the perfect addition to your Halloween décor or Halloween party decorations. Fill jars with colored liquids and plastic brains, eyeballs or other pretend dissected body parts. Test tubes filled with various colorful liquids are also a nice touch, if you are holding a party, consider serving up your libations in most appropriate beakers or test tubes.

Jar of EyeballsLaboratory Lighting: Lighting your mad science lab effectively will make it that much creepier. It's easier than you think to morph your ordinary space into a really freaky science lab and spooky lights are the perfect place to start. Get rid of all bright lights. A black light is a must for the most frightening effect. Pack your space with neon anything as the black lighting will pick it up and make the neon glow in the creepiest possible way. Think about selective use of strobe lighting if you are decorating a spook alley or haunted house/room, put this near a really scary display or experiment you conjure up. Resurrect that old lava lamp if you have one and plug it in for a super creepy/goopy effect.

Dr. Kill JoyGet Touchy-Feely: Kids especially will love this. Display some special effect scientific things for your guests to blindly 'feel' that are sure to gross them completely out. Here are some ideas to get you started:ᅠ

  • Large Damp Sea Sponge-Brain
  • Twisted Pipe Cleaners-Spider
  • Pretzel Sticks-Decomposed Rat Tails
  • Dried Apricots-Tongues
  • Cooked, cold spaghetti-Guts or innards of any kind or worms.
  • Peeled Grapes-Eyeballs
  • Oiled Cabbage Leaves-Skin
  • Corn Husk Silk-Hair
  • Pudding w/Corn, Peas or food particles-Vomit
  • Peeled Tomato-Heart

Costume: What's a mad science theme without that perfect mad scientist costume to go with it? Let Emmet Brown (Back to the Future) completely inspire you, but you are going to want to add a few frightful twists, of course. A lab coat, crazy wigged out hair, protective eyewear and the mandatory rubber gloves will have you well on your way to looking like the perfect crazy mad scientist. Don't forget to spatter a little fake blood on your lab coat and goggles for a really creepy effect. A HAZMAT suit also could make a nice costume choice.ᅠ

Start practicing your most diabolical laughter as you let the mad science theme take over your Halloween event as if it's a run amok chemistry experiment filled with all things revolting, gross, repulsive, slimy, gooey, not to mention rotten. And what does all this disgusting stuff equate to? Halloween FUN--and there is nothing experimental about that.ᅠ