The Halloween season is here!  Can you hear that drum roll?  That sound means that we are officially starting the 2019 Halloween countdown, and you know what that means! It's time to start thinking about Halloween costumes!  Whether it's for yourself, your significant other, or the kids-- it's never too early to begin contemplating your best costume look.  Trust us when we say, Halloween will be here before you know it so do not procrastinate your costume search!  When it comes to helping you find the perfect solution for a Halloween costume, we are always here to help. That's why we're letting you know about a few hot new trends in Halloween costumes that are fresh and new for 2019.

2019 Costume Trends: 

This year, as every other, you have to look no further than current pop culture for some of the most exciting ideas for new Halloween costumes.  2019 has been an exciting year in movies, television, video games, and more!   Many original and compelling characters have been created this year that you are sure to see during your Halloween activities.

Fortnite:  Since this video game hit the scene in 2017, it has only gained in popularity.  With such a massive following of gamers, this popular game is a natural source for Halloween costume inspiration!  Check out looks for the Black Knight, Skull Trooper, Brite Bomber, and the Cuddle Team Leader! 

Captain Marvel:  This year brought a new and exciting female-led superhero movie to theaters--Captain Marvel!  Air Force pilot Carol Danvers (aka Ms. Marvel) is a new option for a Halloween costume!  This character is a perfect choice for all of you who want to show off a few of your own heroic powers! 

MIB International:  The Men in Black are back!  Protecting the Earth and now local Halloween parties, these well-suited guys are sure to be on this year's Halloween hit list! 

Stranger Things:  One of Netflix's best TV shows to binge-watch, Stranger Things offers a nostalgic twist on sci-fi/horror that is outrageously popular.  Stranger Things has many great characters, perfect for your next DIY Halloween costume. 

Game of Thrones:  HBO's Game of Thrones has wrapped up after eight thrilling seasons. The insanely popular action fantasy series has many characters that are perfect for potential Halloween costumes.  Since many of the more well known roles have been done and redone in past years, expect to see some of the lesser-known characters show up via costume this year.  Characters worth Halloween consideration:  Bronn, Missandei, Lady Melisandre, Tormund Giantsbane, or The Hound.

Elton John (Rocketman):  This biographical musical drama tells the life story of one of the world's most successful musicians--Elton John.  With Elton's penchant for wild and outlandish costumes, you can bet your bottom dollar that Elton John (Rocketman) costumes will be everywhere this Halloween.  Grab your sequins, feathers and your craziest pair of glasses and be the star of your next Halloween party!

Toy Story 4: Who doesn't love the characters from Disney's Toy Story?  The Toy Story saga continued this year with a new installment with some great new characters.  In addition to some of your old favorites, consider a costume look for Forky, the Dummies or Duke Caboom. 

Black Panther:  After having been a member of nearly every Marvel superhero team ever, it's about time that the Black Panther starred in his own flick!  This exciting and dynamic hero is also an excellent choice for a Halloween costume! 

The Descendants: The Descendants has been a Disney Channel hit!  What do you get when you have the children of the most notorious Disney villains?  Lots of crazy adventures, that's what!  These characters from the Descendants series have proven to be trendy Halloween costumes as well! 

Pennywise or Scary Clown:  Steven King's "IT" has gone down in history as one of the most terrifying horror movies of all time.  Without a doubt, there is something truly horrifying about Pennywise's look.  If you are looking for a scary costume that channels some of the more frightening sides of Halloween, consider a Pennywise or other Scary Clown costume look.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg:  If you are one of those people that like to dress up as a political figure, there are plenty to choose from--but one that you may not have considered is the legendary Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  With a classic suit, a little old lady bun wig and an appropriate pair of glasses, you can put this look together quickly and are sure to get a lot of laughs for your creativity! 

Pop Culture not your thing?   These classic Halloween costume looks never go out of style:

•    Witch
•    Dinosaur
•    Unicorn
•    Superhero
•    Pirate
•    Animal
•    Princess
•    Vampire

With so many terrific choices available for Halloween costumes, your biggest problem might be making a choice!  Let the countdown to Halloween 2019 begin!