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Disney Descendants 2 What S All The Fuss

Jenna Maxwell Aug 14th 2017

Not since Disney's High School Musical has there been such an enthusiastic ruckus--and if somehow you've missed it, we're here to set the record straight. In 2015, the Disney Channel premiered a TV movie on their station called, 'Descendants.' The premise was simple--the 'descendants' of some of the most infamous and notorious Disney stars (mostly villains) were back, creating an interesting and engaging story of their very own. Recently, the sequel, 'Descendants 2' came out on the Disney Channel, and to no one's real surprise, the show (and the soundtrack that goes with it) is insanely popular. And then there are the characters from the show--a whole new generation of villains and personalities that only Disney could concoct. Here are some of the key players:

  • Mal- (Dove Cameron) Mal is one of the main characters in the Descendants movie franchise. Mal's real name is Mallory, and she is the daughter of the Disney villain, Maleficent. In Descendants, Mal attempts to abandon her evil ways and become a good person, which proves not to be so easy to do. Mal has purple hair and also enjoys wearing shades of purple as well. Her unique skills include casting spells and employing dark magic. She also can transform herself into a dragon, just like dear old mom.
  • Jay- (Boo Boo Stewart) Jay is the son of Jafar from the Disney film Aladdin and is another major player in the Descendants franchise. Jay has an affinity for stealing things and is also very athletic and good at fencing.
  • Carlos- Carlos Oscar De Vil (Cameron Boyce) is another one of the Descendants primary line up. Carlos is the son of Cruella De Vil, the notorious villain from Disney's 101 Dalmatians. Not surprisingly, Cruella is not a great mother and continually mistreats her son. Carlos has made the most of his new life on Auradon and is even learning to stand up to his evil mother.
  • Evie- (Sofia Carson), daughter of Disney's Evil Queen, is another major character in the Descendant's. Evie, who likes to wear a crown as a fashion accessory, is lovely as well as charming. With dark blue hair that grows out from a perfect widow's peak, Evie also enjoys wearing shades of blue and of course, her ever-present crown. Evie is a true fashionista and also likes to cook. She may also very well possess some of her mother's notorious magic skills.
  • King Ben- (Mitchell Hope) King Ben, son of Beauty and the Beast's Belle and the Beast is one of the non-villains in the Descendants franchise. Very diplomatic and compassionate, Ben is responsible for attempting to rehabilitate the Descendants and try to make them into civilized, decent people.
  • Uma- (China Anne McClain)-Uma is the daughter of Ursula, the octopus-like villain from The Little Mermaid. Uma is filled with rage because she was not invited to go to Auradon by King Ben. She is now the ruler of the Isle of Lost and oversees the band of pirates who continue to do her evil bidding.

In Descendants 2, Mal is cracking under the pressure of her new royal existence, and getting away, she eventually flees back to the Isle of the Lost. When she arrives, Mal finds that Uma, (daughter of Ursula) is now reigning as the queen of the island. Uma, still upset that she was not herself invited to go to Auradon, has enlisted a band of rogue pirates, head up by Captain Hook's son Harry and Gaston's son, Gil, to tear down the barrier between the Isle of the Lost and Auradon.

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