When we think of Halloween, we think of costumes, candy, pumpkins and parties! I've blogged about all of these things, but want to once again speak of the ever popular and sometimes crazy - Halloween costume party!

Now, when throwing any type of party your main concern should be on the atmosphere and the food. A lot ofᅠHalloween party's go with the theme of 'horror' (the backbone of Halloween). It's a great theme and there's plenty you can do with it!

Next year when you're planning your annual Halloween party don't forget the dessert! Check outᅠthese gruesome (but very delicious) cakes - talk about losing your appetite!ᅠ


Bloody Insides Cake

Eyeball Stew CakeJaws Cake

Rib Cage CakeDead Crow CakeZombie Cake

Arm Cake