We LOVE Halloween, and we know you do, too. Halloween has propelled itself to being the second most popular holiday celebrated in this country and with good reason. Who doesn't love getting all dressed up in costumes? Who doesn't love candy? Who doesn't love parties? Who doesn't love all sorts of scary and spooky fun? There is one downside to Halloween, however and sadly it is this. Halloween only comes once a year! Bleh! We think that once a year is just too infrequent to bask in all the joys of Halloween so we are stepping it up a bit and causing a little spooky revolution. April 30 is hereby noted as an important milestone and we hope that you will celebrate it with us. April 30th is officially 'Halfway To Halloween!'

Halfway to Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you Halloween/Horror/Costume fans out there to have some serious Halloween-style fun when it's not even Halloween. Why wait until October the 31st? A springtime Halfway to Halloween celebration can have some virtues of it's own. Here are some of our best costume ideas if you are thinking (as we do) that celebrating 'Halfway to Halloween' might be the greatest springtime idea ever!

Monster Mash: Invite your friends over for a Horror-lover's fest. Dress up as your favorite monsters, including zombies, vampires, werewolves and creepy ghosts. Really get into it and have contests for the scariest look, the most complete transformation and the most original horror costume.

Photo Contest: You and your friends can celebrate 'Halfway To Halloween' by using social media apps. Get into your best costume look --really go all out with makeup and details-- and then take some really groovy pictures of yourself. Post your best photos on Facebook or Instagram. Hash-tag your pics #halfwaytohalloween!

Springtime Costume Party: You can skip the horror stuff and save it for later and instead have a spring/summer costume party that is going to definitely spell F-U-N.

  • Throw a Hawaiian-themed luau or BBQ for you and all your friends. Have all your guests wear leis, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, etc.
  • Kids of all ages will really dig having a superhero themed party--invite all the guests to dress up as their favorite superhero and play competitive games focused around the superhero characters.
  • Have a 'tween'-age girl at your house? Well this age group is going to love any dress up party with a pop-rock dress up theme and lots of music to go with it.
  • Grown-ups or older teenagers will really get into a 'dress as a celebrity' themed party.

Springtime Costumes: There are lots of really cool costumes that have more of a spring or summertime vibe to them. Why not give some of these warmer weather looks a try now? ᅠSpringtime costume get-togethers seem like the perfect time to try some of our more summery looks like bugs, flowers, fruits, veggies, garden gnomes and fairies, just to name a few.

A great holiday isn't always around when you need it, so why wait for Halloween when NOW is the perfect time for getting into a great costume and having some serious warm-weather fun. Happy Halfway to Halloween!