It's October 1st!  Halloween 2019 is in full swing.  Every year, the central focal point of Halloween is choosing a costume. Unfortunately for costume fans around the globe, there are completely avoidable costume mistakes made over and over. Lucky for you, we are here to help. When it comes time to choose a Halloween costume, consider a few of these dos and don'ts!


Start planning early. Many people do not think about their Halloween costume until the holiday is nearly here. This can create a lot of unnecessary stress! There are several reasons to start planning for Halloween as soon as possible! First of all, deciding what your Halloween costume will be early on gives you many more options. If you want to dress up using a particular group theme or in a costume for couples, early planning will provide you with more time to coordinate your idea with others. Once you have decided on a costume idea, getting started early will ensure you have plenty of time to order the costume and any accessories you need. Perhaps some parts of your costume may require a bit of do-it-yourself creation. Giving yourself time to work on your costume is much less stressful than trying to throw something together at the last minute! Another factor to consider is that many in-demand costume looks will quickly sell out. If you wait until the last minute to buy your costume, you may not be able to find the style you want!

Consider where you are wearing your costume. These days, Halloween costumes are worn for a variety of circumstances. Of course, Halloween parties are one of the most obvious events to which you will be wearing your Halloween costume. Many workplaces encourage their employees to get into the spirit of Halloween by wearing a costume. Some schools allow students to wear costumes. Perhaps you want to wear a costume while you pass out candy to trick or treaters. There are always a few things to consider when you decide to wear a costume. A costume that you would wear to a Halloween party with your friends may not be appropriate to wear to work. If you are going to be around young children, you may want to avoid wearing a costume that is overly gruesome, gory, or too sexy. It may seem like common sense (and it is), but every year there is that one person that crosses the line. Don't be that person. When in doubt, ask your friends or associates for some input.

Be Creative! Even if you are buying a ready-made costume, it doesn't mean you can't add a few details to it to make it yours! Injecting your own personality and originality into your Halloween look will make your costume unique and extra fun! This is the time when Halloween makeup and accessories are your best friend!


Wear a costume that is uncomfortable or unsafe. Halloween is supposed to be fun. If you have a costume that is annoying or that is driving you batty, it's going to make you miserable. Try your costume on in advance. Make sure that you can tolerate it for whatever time is necessary. If you have an impact accessory (for example a huge hat)—be confident that if you have to remove the item at some point, you are okay with that. Uncomfortable shoes or accessories often get set-aside during Halloween festivities. Having a costume that causes distress to wear is not fun. Try to come up with a plan to make your costume tolerable so you can have a great time without thinking about it all night! Unsafe costumes should not be worn. For example, take the time to hem your costume so that you don't risk tripping on it and falling. This is especially important for children who will be out trick or treating in the dark! Make sure any accessories or toy weapons you are using with your costume are not going to cause anyone accidental harm. Think through your Halloween circumstances and how your planned costume is going to work.

Offend. These days there is a fine line between shocking or funny and offensive. You never know who is going to be upset about a Halloween costume. It's essential to understand who is going to see your costume before you wear it. Care and consideration should be taken with sexy costumes, ethnic costumes and sometimes, humorous costumes. Taking the time to think through your costume choice and who is going to see it can help you avoid potentially awkward situations. No one wears a costume to upset others on purpose—a little advance consideration will help you make the best choice for your personal circumstances.