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Halloween Costumes 2017 What S Hot What S Not

Jenna Maxwell Sep 18th 2017

We know you're doing it, so it's time to fess up and get real. You're already thinking about Halloween, aren't you? And of course, you've probably been imagining the many possibilities of 'what to be' for Halloween. Halloween costumes are certainly one of the best parts of All Hallows' Eve -- but there are always some dilemmas when choosing that perfect costume that must be ironed out first. For example, do you want to involve your friends and dress in a group-themed costume? Or do you want to go out with your significant other in couple's costumes? Or, as is often the case, are you venturing out completely your own? No matter what your Halloween costume choice is going to be, there are always a few deciding factors to keep in mind. One thing we know for sure, most folks want to choose a Halloween costume that fits their personality and sense of style and definitely doesn't scream 'yesterday's news.' Halloween costumes can be a little bit like fashion trendsthere are classics that never seem to go out of style--and there are costume 'fads' that come and go in a year. There are also those unexpected, unpredictable and wildly popular costume trends that we never even saw coming! Here are some Halloween costume trends that have the potential of being wickedly popular this falland a few others that you just may want to avoid.


  • Video Game Characters-More and more video game characters are making their way out of the video game console and into live action through Cosplay and of course, Halloween costumes.
  • Game of Thrones Characters-Seven seasons later, the characters from HBO's epic television series, 'Game of Thrones' are as popular as ever.
  • Slasher and Horror Film Characters-Starring characters from horror films are always Halloween costume favorites. This year with so many remakes and sequels in the horror genre, you can take your pick when it comes to frightful choices. The 'New for 2017' Pennywise ('IT') is one example, as well as the puppet from 'Saw: Legacy' being another.
  • Fairy Tale Characters-There is something truly wonderful about recreating a classic childhood favorite storybook character for Halloween. A couple of our favorites are Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland.
  • Food: Food costumes are more popular than ever, and this year, there are more quirky food costume choices than you could ever imagineand they all look pretty appetizing in their own silly way. Seriously, you can find a whole smorgasbord of food items to dress up as including cupcakes, pizza, hot dogs, soda cans, hot sauce and so much more. Bon appÃtit!
  • Dinosaurs-Bring a character from the Mesozoic era into the modern day with one of these fabulous costumes that look like they came straight out the Dinosaur days.
  • Donald Trump-One glance around many of the Carnival celebrations that occurred around the world this year and you would know one thing for certaindressing up as the US President, Donald J. Trump, is as popular as ever. If you have your heart set on this unique look, buy your wig or mask early, President Trump is likely to be a sellout.
  • Unicorns-The fantastical character known as the Unicorn has been popping up all over the place. Being a Unicorn for Halloween is sort of like being a unicorn in generalrare, unique and truly magical. Sounds like a great idea to us!
  • Stranger Things-This Netflix series took the world by storm right before Halloween last year, and with the second season timed similarly this year, you are likely to see lots of Elevens and Barbs at your next Halloween party.
  • 1980's-Dress up in the attire of one of the most legendary decades in historythe incredible eighties! Grab those leg warmers, huge earrings, fingerless gloves and parachute pantsit's time to get like, totally eighties!
  • Sharks-Who knows what starts a trendperhaps, in this case, it's the Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week,' which is now a pop culture phenomenon. For whatever reason, sharks are as popular as ever! Dressing up as a voracious and gargantuan shark is not only cool, but it's also a very novel costume idea that will surely change the tide at your next costume party.


  • Past Presidents or Political Figures. No one wants to see you dressed up as Hillary or Bill Clinton, George Bush or Barack Obama--and it's definitely time to put away your Sarah Palin mask
  • Harley Quinn & The Joker-This dynamic duo was one of the most popular costume looks out therelast year. Need we say more?
  • The Sheet Ghost-Ever since 1968's 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,' the sheet ghost has been the standard go-to last minute costume choice costume-seekers who are feeling desperate- emphasis on the word desperate! Avoid!
  • Playboy Bunny-We are all for sexy costumes but can we go for something a little less obvious? Unless your date is dressing as Hugh Hefner, you should probably find a more original way to get your sexy game on.
  • 'This is My Costume T-Shirt'-The last minute favorite of non-planner typest-shirts that say,' This is My Costume' have been overplayed and abused by lazy people to the point where they just aren't funny anymore.
  • Graduation Robe & Tassel-Just like the sheet ghost, this garb is easy to grab because it's often already hanging in the closet and it works for a costumedoesn't it? No, it actually doesn't, so don't be tempted to wear this to your party.
  • Scream Mask-Arguably one of the most well-known and recognizable Halloween masks on the planet, we've seen this look ten thousand times too many. The only thing to scream here is, NOOOO!

CLASSICS. If you still don't know what to choose for a Halloween costume, these classic looks are always a hit and will never go out of style:

  • Superhero
  • Pirate
  • Clown
  • Zombie
  • Witch
  • Vampire
  • Princess
  • Fairy
  • Skeleton

The countdown to Halloween has begun. Start thinking about your Halloween costume today!