We know you've gone to a lot of trouble getting ready for Halloween. It takes a bit of effort to scout out the perfect Halloween costumes for you and your family, assembling your best Halloween looks from head to toe. You are almost ready to go--it's the final countdown to what could arguably be the most exciting holiday of the year! You definitely don't want to blow it now. What we are saying here dear friends, is that at some point, it really comes down to the candy. What you are handing out to the trick or treaters in your neighborhood does matter--and yes, you will be judged. What does your Halloween candy say about you?

Fun Size Candy Bars: You are a Halloween traditionalist and you are into the whole Halloween gig. These little candy bars are pretty standard Halloween fare and you can't really go wrong with buying these for your neighborhood Halloween revelers. Since most of these treats are chocolate based you will be scoring some major points with the entire group of mommy's who may be sneaking some of the goodies for themselves. (C'mondon't we all do this?)

Sugar Blast: These are not necessarily going to be any adult's favorites, but these are the ones that year after year score some major points with the kids. This group of super sugary treats includes Starburst, Skittles, Twizzlers, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, Pop Rocks and gummy anything. If you are looking to impress your neighborhood trick or treaters with no chocolate temptation calling out to you, these candies are sure-fire winners.

Full Size Candy: You Halloween overachiever you! With a treat basket filled with full size candy bars, the word on the street is going to get out fast. If you don't mind having lots of repeat customers, a line at your door, and your doorbell ringing all night long, these treats are for you. Be aware that the other neighborhood parents may think you are just showing off.

Homemade Treats: Don't waste your time unless these are for a private party at your house. Nobody lets their kids eat homemade treats anymore and more likely than not, they are going to get thrown out.

Lollipops: Usually the only thing that is left at the store on the day of Halloween, this treat will scream, 'I waited until the last minute!' These are never a Halloween favorite and when the treat bag is almost empty sometime in late November, you are likely to find it filled with a variety of Dum Dum suckers that will eventually find their way into the trash as well.

Apples or other healthy snacks: You might as well just turn out the lights and not participate. No one wants to get these in their trick or treat bags. Besides, haven't you heard the urban legends of the real sicko's that put razor blades in apples? Apples, raisins or any fruit item are likely to get thrown out by scrupulous mommies anyway.

Pixy Sticks, Junior Mints, Sugar Daddy's and Wax Lips: These 'retro' candies are not only popular with the kids, but they are a great way to help you re-live your childhood memories as well. It's not like you see these favorites in your grocery store everyday, but at Halloween it's a great time to bring back some of these old and very groovy candies from the past!

Pencils, Toothbrushes, Coupons: Oh please! Are you trying to be the ultimate Halloween killjoy? Save your passive preaching for another day and let the kids have fun on Halloween without the hidden agenda thrown into their treat bags. Boring!

The candy that's found in your Halloween treat bowl speaks volumes. You may actually want to put some thought into this before the big night and think about what you are communicating to all those costumed up kids that are coming to your door shouting 'TRICK OR TREAT!' Make sure at your house, it's a definite 'Treat'.